Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Day at the Fair

It is an annual tradition with my friends to go to the Fair and get our Fish and Zucchini (and check out the animals and crafts).  This will be a fairly long post as there are a lot of photos of some of my favorite things at the fair.  I typically get the same thing: Fish and Zucchini and Apple Fries (see below).   As a youngster, I rarely went to the local fair, however as of about 7 years ago, I found out all the cool things at the fair. LIKE FRIED FOOD!!!!
I'm sure some of you have awesome fairs (I see them on the Food TV), so you may think my fair food is Lame-O, but I want to share it with you.
Also, I got a new hat (Ha hahaha).
It's a Moose hat with paws!!!! Can you see the antlers?????

C'mon, you should be getting used to this.  I love it.  It has little pockets/mittens.

Here we go....

This was the big deal last year.  I didn't try it as I don't eat meat (except fish).  But considering there were about 6 kiosks selling it, I believe it was a HUGE hit last year.
 My favorite dessert: Apple Fries
This is my favorite dessert at the fair... Apple Fries.  Flash fried apple fries rolled in cinnamon and sugar and a dollop of whip cream on top

The best fish and zucchini EVER!!! I love this company. 
Seriously, the best Fish and Zucchini, ever!  I look at it longingly as I type these words

These designer cupcakes are all the rage. This stand has been successful the past 5 years in selling their cute cupcakes.

"Fried Dills" are becoming more common. I saw these in San Diego too.  My friend was going to try it but never did (got the cupcake instead- ha!).  She might try it at the LA Fair (September 2011)

Are YOU looking at me?

 This is the new 'fried' item for the summer. I'm not crazy about this combo (and I'm partial to my Apple Fries) however, I heard on the radio that this is a big seller.  It's apparently kool-aid mix with flour and deep fried.

 Isn't this a cool cake server?  It's a little high heel shoe.

 I thought this was a funny doormat...

I didn't buy any but this is "chocolate rocks."  It looks like real rocks.

I went to the crafting area to check out the cards, quilts, woodwork and paintings.  Here is a handcarved wood clock. Really cool.
By the way, there weren't any cards that I thought to post. You ladies all run circles around the entries that I saw.

 Look at the quilling on this box....

I'm not sure what this was made of. It was in the quilling section but upon closer examination, it didn't look like quilling.

I loved this painting of two dogs faces....

 Cute dog cartoon face.

This painting reminds me of my dog Colt

No one will steal the stuffed animal tucked in his pants.  Would you?

Remember these words...

Some cute bunnies and little chicks...

A real live turkey!!!

I don't know anyone who has tried this but apparently, it is a Baby Ruth put inside a jalapeno and then deep fried and then put on top of a bed of churros.   No thanks, I'm sticking to my apple fries.

Friday, July 29, 2011

All you need in life is a friend who has Chocolates....

Inkadinkdoo (clear stamps at Michaels), has a great set with these quotes from kids.  I've created a card with one of the sentiments.  I used the hot glue gun to keep the pearl in the flower (I got the faux pearl from Michaels).  The stamp (per the label on the side of the stamp) of the girl is a stamp from " me and my BIG ideas."  I believe I bought it at Michaels a few years ago.  The paper is a DCWV called "Pocket full of Poisies" that was on sale at Joann's this past week.

blended with distress ink (spun sugar) on edges


C'mon.... I couldn't resist. (At the WB station at Comic-Con 2011)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Announcing a new segment... VIEWERS' MAIL

I decided to add another segment to my babbling blog... It's called Viewers' Mail. I get so many great comments and I try to respond personally but actually, I felt like some of the other viewers might like to hear my witty comedic pathetic response.  It will be featured after the Card segment so that those who are actually interested in crafting (as opposed to my verbose ramblings) can move on to a quieter blogger  :)

Here is the card today:
 This card is different than the prior post that used the same image.  This card was not colored with Copics.... rather, I used (for the flower) distress ink and a blending pad. I cut the image out and then colored over parts of the image with copic pens to highlight the areas. Note: I have SINCE seen a video that says that I'm not supposed to do that with Copics as the copics will pick up the color from the distress ink and it will compromise your Copics Pen. (DING DONG).   I found that out on a video at
 I used a stamp from the Inkadinkdo's Clear Stamp (THANKS) with Stampin' Up's  "Whispering White."  I am  not impressed with white ink pads.  Never comes out WHITE enough.  Should have used white embossing powder.  The leaves and the rose were colored with copics.  The pink was embossed with a Tim Holtz Embossing folder (wood impression).
I raised the image on pop-dots.  And lastly, the flowers were part of a Recollections pack of 3 at Michaels.   I used my white gel pen on the flower too.
Paper Trey Ink sentiment and EK Success Dog Paw punch
 This card was for the vet techs and the receptionists at the vet hospital.  Just to say thanks for the day they did the diagnostic work up on him.  

Here is the hotel we stayed at for Comic-Con on the first night.  As you can see it is advertising this new movie.

And here is the view from our room.  

I met a woman who worked for Random House while we were standing in line for the Supernatural, Doctor Who, and Glee panels. She recommended a great book for young adults called The Maze Runner.  I'm reading it now. It's for high school-ish age. I like it.  It's like Lord of the Flies meets Sci-Fy.  There is an element of danger and death so parents may want to review the book first.  Anyway (yes, there is a point to this)... She said that Robert Patterson (ARE YOU READING THIS MARLENE?) was staying in our hotel and her co-worker ran into him in the elevator. 
Speaking of CNN, check out this costume.  At the time I saw this man, he was saying into the camera "I'm Wolf Blitzer and you're watching CNN."  (haha).  No, seriously.  They had him saying it over and over so they could use it for the airwaves.

Viewers' Mail:
CG says "LOVE your quilt! Mainly cause it's Hallowe'en themed and I adore the fabrics you are using! Do you sell these or just make them for a lucky few?"
Me: This is  my second only quilt although I have already received 2 requests for my dog quilts from co-workers.  I haven't yet determined if I will ever sell them as I don't honestly know how long they will take to make.  I never realized the steps involved and I try to be perfect, precise, anal, compulsive... do it right.  Once I ascertain my abilities to create a good product, I will let you know.
Oh, and knowing that you appreciate the specimen named "Jared Padalecki," I thought you'd appreciate the bags they were handing out at Comic-Con.  The torture I endured walking behind so many people who had them, resisting the urge to tackle them and rip them off their backs. 

M says "The skink taking a poop is cracking me up! You are so oblivious to it!! LOL!!!
Man, you are tiny, tiny, tiny. I'll bet you don't weigh 92 pounds soaking wet!"
Me:  Yes, I am oblivious to many things.  LOL!
As for being tiny, don't be fooled.  The British build very small door frames. Have you ever seen their refrigerators?  (Just kidding- I do love the UK and their refrigerators.  But my favorite kitchen appliance is the CHIP MAKER.  I remember when I was in Cork, Ireland and found out that the residence I was at, fried up french fries in their chip maker at night.  I nearly passed out.  YOU HAVE A FRENCH FRY MAKER IN YOUR HOUSE??? AND YOU CAN EAT IT AT ANY TIME?  WHERE AM I?  DID I DIE AND GO TO HEAVEN?   yea, I came back from that trip with an extra 92 lbs).  
Actually, you are correct.  I have been mistaken for Golum on occasion, but that was based on my feet.  They are very Hobbit-like.  As for being 92 pounds, HA!!! You.... funny lady!

R says "Is that fabric glow in the dark?? Too cool.
Also you would've made a great vet...except for having to see cats. Wish you'd take more vet tech classes - I sure enjoyed the stories you told about your projects and such."
Me:  No, it's not glow in the dark but that's a fab idea.  I didn't realize how much fabric for quilts, and batting costs.  That's part of the reason why I don't know yet if I could sell them. I've seen people charge $100+ on quilts and after seeing how much it takes to create them, I understand now why.  Yes, I am allergic to cats, but truly what held me back was that I didn't think I'd do well in the science part. 

MK says "Look at you! That's pretty brave, not sure I'd be able to hold that skink, lol! SUPER pics! And your quilt is just fabulous - so fun and whimsical and a bright burst of color - you are multi-talented, I see! x0x." 
Me:  Actually, I am very phobic about reptiles... but the one that I was extremely fearful of was the snake.  The skink was ok.  Like a huge lizard.  I just didn't want it to do something where I'd freak out and drop it.  (ha, it beat me in terms of dropping things. LOL).
I do have a photo of me holding a snake.  I was trying to conquer my fears. (ha!).  Scroll to the bottom for that photo.  I don't want to post it here because some might have visual snake phobias (like I do).

T says "Your quilt looks like it will be a fun project. How many quilts have you made?"
Me:  This is my second quilt.  Haha.  For those of you who have never tried, find a sewing teacher and just try one time.  It's simple but just a little costly for the fabric.  There are some places you can get photos created into fabric and I'd love to do one of all my pets (deceased and alive), but considering I have a revolving door of pets, it would be a pretty big quilt. 


I'm trying not to barf or hurl the snake across the room

Working on another quilt...

Here's part of a new quilt that I'm working on.  It's a Halloween quilt.  It's in the same pattern as the last one, just different fabric. 


To all of you who shared similar experiences with the veterinarians you use in your hometown, cheers to you!!!
I would have loved to have been a vet but didn't have the confidence earlier in my school years to do it. I took some vet tech classes for a few years at a local community college about 5 years ago.  I enjoyed getting up close to animals that I never had the opportunity to.  I was able to get the temperature (yes, rectally) on a cow and pig.... a 600 lb pig.  I also was able to extract blood from the jugular vein on a cow which only a few students could do because the vein rolls away (it's hard to pin down).  It was totally cool.  Here's a photo of me holding a skink who was taking a poop (and I was not aware of it, as you can see in the photo with me smiling broadly).

Yes, I found my external drive  (with photos from as far back as 2005) so now you will be flooded with old photos in the coming months.  Here is a photo of me in front of James Herriot's vet office in Yorkshire. 

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A very special vet...

I have been blessed (as have my animals) in having some outstanding veterinarians who have helped them in their lives.  Veterinarians are not always given the accolades (IMHO) that they should be given. They work long hours, are reminded on occasion that they are not MD's yet they have to know the physiology of so many different species, and have to work on patients who can't even communicate to them.  In the past, I have had a vet who would commute from her home in Idaho to Southern California (on weekends).  Colt had a dentist (oral surgeon) who commuted from Canada to give him a root canal (He would work 2 weekends a month at our local specialty hospital).  But the one I made this card for is a vet who has treated my animals (off and on) for the last 17 years.  He actually works in a city that is 90 minutes away (by car), but on Saturdays, he comes back to our hospital because he has such a loyal customer base (and quite frankly, I believe people demanded to get him back).  When I think of him, I'm reminded of one of my favorite authors and people... James Herriot.  (aka James Wight).  

He must have heard through the office grapevine of Fred's passing and left a condolence voicemail on my phone.  Who does that ?  He hasn't even seen Fred in years (except for 1 exam when this problem started 2 weeks ago)!

SO, here is the card....
 The image is from Hero Arts (wood block at Michaels).  Coloring is with Copics.  Liquid Pearls for the drops and Spiced Marmalade ink blending (Distress Ink) a la Britta Swiderski.  Martha Stewart butterfly punch was used.  Lastly, the sentiment came from Inkadinkdo's clear stamps from Michaels ("Thanks").  I also put Stickles on some of the flowers.

And here is the inside:
See yesterday's post as the recipe is on there.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I'm back....

Hi Everyone,
First off, thank you to all of you who sent notes re: Fred. I picked up his urn today.  Out here on the left coast, we have the option to privately cremate your pet.  Would it surprise you that I have all my animals' ashes (chinchilla and tortoise included)?  Of course it wouldn't!  

Last week was very hectic.  I was trying to care for Fred and I had a vacation to Comic-Con in San Diego that started Wednesday.  I was in San Diego Wed night to Sunday night at Comic-Con.  Since we didn't have tickets for Saturday to get into the convention, we went to Sea World and had dinner at Old Town San Diego.  I'll be loading photos and telling you all my stories in the coming weeks.  :)  Like this one:

Why yes, that is a Siberian Husky hat on my head... standing outside Cousin's Candy Shop in Old Town SD

I'm glad to be home and back with the other dogs.  Here's Sammy's reaction to Fred's absence (taken that night).
If you could had audio, you'd hear him snoring away.  I should add that it is warm in So Cal and yet he piles all his ultra soft blankets in a pile and sleeps on top of them.  He is a small dog.

The veterinary hospital we go to have such a great staff.  I made a card for the vet who was there for the euthaniasia.  She was wonderful. I had never worked with her before but rather than wait until my vet returned the next day (and prolonging Fred's discomfort), I had her do the euthanasia. The background was done using a technique that I learned from Britta Swiderski.  The butterfly is a Martha Stewart punch on glitter paper.  The background was used via blending pad and Tim Holtz distress ink.  The leaves and rose were Copics pens.  (Note: glossy accents was used on the rose).

Inside card:  Spellbinder Nestabilities.  Sentiment is from a clear stamp set from Michaels "Inkadinkadoo- Thanks."  I used opaque embossing powder.  I can't remember where I got the basket image but I used Copics and Stickles (and Liquid Pearls in the center of the flowers)