Thursday, July 28, 2011

Working on another quilt...

Here's part of a new quilt that I'm working on.  It's a Halloween quilt.  It's in the same pattern as the last one, just different fabric. 


To all of you who shared similar experiences with the veterinarians you use in your hometown, cheers to you!!!
I would have loved to have been a vet but didn't have the confidence earlier in my school years to do it. I took some vet tech classes for a few years at a local community college about 5 years ago.  I enjoyed getting up close to animals that I never had the opportunity to.  I was able to get the temperature (yes, rectally) on a cow and pig.... a 600 lb pig.  I also was able to extract blood from the jugular vein on a cow which only a few students could do because the vein rolls away (it's hard to pin down).  It was totally cool.  Here's a photo of me holding a skink who was taking a poop (and I was not aware of it, as you can see in the photo with me smiling broadly).

Yes, I found my external drive  (with photos from as far back as 2005) so now you will be flooded with old photos in the coming months.  Here is a photo of me in front of James Herriot's vet office in Yorkshire. 


  1. LOVE your quilt! Mainly cause it's Hallowe'en themed and I adore the fabrics you are using! Do you sell these or just make them for a lucky few?

  2. ooooh! I'm jealous!!! Did you make an appointment for an autograph? LMAO! And at least you didn't get pooped on by your friendly skink!

    You're a sewing machine girl! Now that doesn't sound're a machine with your sewing! LOL! You should go into business with your quilts!

  3. Look at you! That's pretty brave, not sure I'd be able to hold that skink, lol! SUPER pics! And your quilt is just fabulous - so fun and whimsical and a bright burst of color - you are multi-talented, I see! x0x0

  4. Love the quilt! Great to see pictures of you, regardless of age!

  5. The skink taking a poop is cracking me up! You are so oblivious to it!! LOL!!!

    Man, you are tiny, tiny, tiny. I'll bet you don't weigh 92 pounds soaking wet!

  6. Your quilt looks like it will be a fun project. How many quilts have you made?
    Theresa in Kitimat

  7. Is that fabric glow in the dark?? Too cool.
    Also you would've made a great vet...except for having to see cats. Wish you'd take more vet tech classes - I sure enjoyed the stories you told about your projects and such.


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