Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Day at the Fair

It is an annual tradition with my friends to go to the Fair and get our Fish and Zucchini (and check out the animals and crafts).  This will be a fairly long post as there are a lot of photos of some of my favorite things at the fair.  I typically get the same thing: Fish and Zucchini and Apple Fries (see below).   As a youngster, I rarely went to the local fair, however as of about 7 years ago, I found out all the cool things at the fair. LIKE FRIED FOOD!!!!
I'm sure some of you have awesome fairs (I see them on the Food TV), so you may think my fair food is Lame-O, but I want to share it with you.
Also, I got a new hat (Ha hahaha).
It's a Moose hat with paws!!!! Can you see the antlers?????

C'mon, you should be getting used to this.  I love it.  It has little pockets/mittens.

Here we go....

This was the big deal last year.  I didn't try it as I don't eat meat (except fish).  But considering there were about 6 kiosks selling it, I believe it was a HUGE hit last year.
 My favorite dessert: Apple Fries
This is my favorite dessert at the fair... Apple Fries.  Flash fried apple fries rolled in cinnamon and sugar and a dollop of whip cream on top

The best fish and zucchini EVER!!! I love this company. 
Seriously, the best Fish and Zucchini, ever!  I look at it longingly as I type these words

These designer cupcakes are all the rage. This stand has been successful the past 5 years in selling their cute cupcakes.

"Fried Dills" are becoming more common. I saw these in San Diego too.  My friend was going to try it but never did (got the cupcake instead- ha!).  She might try it at the LA Fair (September 2011)

Are YOU looking at me?

 This is the new 'fried' item for the summer. I'm not crazy about this combo (and I'm partial to my Apple Fries) however, I heard on the radio that this is a big seller.  It's apparently kool-aid mix with flour and deep fried.

 Isn't this a cool cake server?  It's a little high heel shoe.

 I thought this was a funny doormat...

I didn't buy any but this is "chocolate rocks."  It looks like real rocks.

I went to the crafting area to check out the cards, quilts, woodwork and paintings.  Here is a handcarved wood clock. Really cool.
By the way, there weren't any cards that I thought to post. You ladies all run circles around the entries that I saw.

 Look at the quilling on this box....

I'm not sure what this was made of. It was in the quilling section but upon closer examination, it didn't look like quilling.

I loved this painting of two dogs faces....

 Cute dog cartoon face.

This painting reminds me of my dog Colt

No one will steal the stuffed animal tucked in his pants.  Would you?

Remember these words...

Some cute bunnies and little chicks...

A real live turkey!!!

I don't know anyone who has tried this but apparently, it is a Baby Ruth put inside a jalapeno and then deep fried and then put on top of a bed of churros.   No thanks, I'm sticking to my apple fries.


  1. Eeeeek! Fried Kool aid?!!!!!!!! What the h..l next?
    Lurve that hat too, looks like it'd keep ya paws warm!

  2. Fun taking the tour of your fair. Interesting food combos, I think fried apples with be my choice too.

  3. I remember going to the fair with you one year....or was it Knotts? In any case you introduced me to funnel cake, covered in a mtn of powdered sugar. I'm still not a fan of funnel cake but I think of you every time I see the stuff.
    My friend from Virginia says that deep fried pickle slices are quite delicious - she didn't think they'd be good but as a matter of fact they're fantastic. Fish and zucch sounds delicious.

    I am especially fond of goats - I know some small pygmy goats are well adapted to suburban living - they'll live happily in a backyard, are quiet and polite, and will give plenty of yummy milk in return for eating you out of house and home.

  4. Hey - I have to tell you that deep fried pickles are DA BOMB!! I used to eat them all the time. (Back home, they've been on menus for YEARS as a fun appetizer.) Dipped in ranch dressing - they are SUPERDELICIOUS.

    I love the bunnies. Dang they're cute. So is your hat! Teehee!


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