Saturday, August 11, 2012

Photos from the Fair....

I went back to the Fair again...
I took more photos...  Enjoy

I love Holstein Cows.  They're my favorite.  This was a "little" calf.

This reminds me of my old dog Fred...

This reminded me of Colt

Wood working exhibit

Made out of engine parts (see side view below)

Made out of polymer clay!!!

music stand

I saw this and thought of Glow-Bugg!!!!

And this one too....



  1. Thanks for sharing the fair pictures. Love looking a pictures of animals! The last picture is so cute! The woodworking is remarkable, such skill!

  2. Wow! Some amazing woodworking there!
    And some tuckered out animals...though what is that last pic? It needs to see an orthodontist!


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