Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Supernatural Surprise...

I went to this year's Comic-Con in San Diego, CA last month.  It's always fun seeing all the exhibits, displays and panels.  Some highlights this year included hearing the Dexter panel, Bones panel, Supernatural panel, Doctor Who panel, and catching up with some friends who we've met in previous years.

One such friend enjoys Supernatural (the TV show).  And so I made her this card.... and shipped it off to NYC.

The embellishments are from Michaels. The polaroid frame is from Lawn Fawn (as well as the sentiment).
I stuck some googley eyes on there to give it a creepy feeling (C'mon, the show is called Supernatural--- it has to have some creepy feel to it).

The guys are, well... the Winchester brothers.  Enuf said.

Here is a sample of some of the fabulous memories from this year.  Thank you again, L, for the great camera shots. 

***Drumroll please***
From the Bionic Woman (and 6 Million Dollar Man....)  OSCAR GOLDMAN... (and me!)
I think I scared the man with my glee and exuberant behavior.  Thankfully security wasn't called.
(Being a huge Bionic Woman fan, this was simple a dream come true!  I met Jamie Sommers/ Lindsay Wagner two years ago....  Next year... Steve Austin!  LOL)

Dwight came along this trip... Here he is with Chewbacca, nearly getting his head chewed off.

 Fabulous costume!!!!

This was the display for THE HOBBIT.  Gianormous!!! (I thought of you, Glo!)


These kids were outside the Doctor Who panel.  The little girl was a Weeping Angel. If you don't know what a Weeping Angel is, click HERE to see the video.   WARNING:  It's a 5 minute video from the episode of Doctor Who.  It is a bit creepy   :)

Stay tuned for more Scenes from Comic-Con 2012!


  1. Great pics Naomi!! Looks like a lot of fun. Love your card and I bet your friend will as well. ~jeni :)

  2. Ack!!! I was hoping that card was coming to Sacramento!
    Fabulous pics and I love those ginormous trolls! My kind of guys. I just saw a tutorial on how to make a weeping angel from a barbie, some foam core, and some stone texture spray paint. Very cool kiddos!
    Thanks for sending me the password to your photo albums for Comic-Con. Soooo cool!!! My son and I are planning on saving our pennies for 2014 Comic-Con- fingers crossed.

  3. Terrific card! The picture you took are fantastic as well as the picture of you! Sure looks like a fun, fun time!

  4. You're so lucky, I would love to go to Comic-Con! Great pics and that is a super-fun card!

  5. Love the Supernatural card and I'm sure 'R' will too.


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