Saturday, November 13, 2010


Mary, over at CardZtv is having a mini album blog hop.  I've made a few mini albums in my time and all of them have been because of Mary. She has such great videos  This is a recent "Toilet Paper Roll" mini album that I made for a friend whose dog's name is Zoe.  

These are the tags for the album (front side)

These are the back side of the tags

The winds returned a bit today (although not as bad as two weeks ago).  It was a lovely day in So Cal so I'm glad I was out running errands and taking the boys to Subway, rather than staring at the ceiling with Kleenex stuffed up my nose.  

Off to watch "Hot Tub Time Machine." Hopefully John Cusack will make it all worth while as I've heard mixed reviews on this movie. 80's ROCK!
Hair Crimped, hair ribbon from Crafting Store, skirt from Forever21 or one of those Teen stores in the mall, legwarmers and bangles, gloves and earrings from one of those mall stores, leggings from WalMart or Target, and attitude?  MINE!


  1. Cute, cute, cute album!
    Your picture is a hoot! ~jeni :)

  2. Fabulous album!!! Love the picture, looks like you're having fun.

  3. Adorable album - you did such a great job on this!

    Your picture is a HOOT! I wanna hang with you!


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