Sunday, November 14, 2010


Yesterday, during SamUL's agility class, a Llama group walked by.  They were on their way to lunch at a local park and stopped to let us pet them.  They were very friendly and comfortable with people.  I had picked up SamUL and let him sniff the Llama.  Here are the photos to follow... (Thanks Leah for taking these photos!)  Both dog and llama smelled each other but were uninterested in developing any further acquaintance.

This llama's name is Dalai Llama

I've been making cards but alas, the natural light is fading away and so I will have to photo the cards tomorrow.  


  1. Too cool.

    So what in the world are llamas doing in suburbia?

  2. Oh these are sweet ...... what a wonderful day this must have been!

  3. In answer to the question you left this morning on my blog, yes, it is a wreath stamp from Papertrey Ink. Thanks for always stopping by, love your comments.


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