Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Thank you card.... Stimpy has risen....

Another thank you gift card using Paper Smooches and Lawn Fawn stamps. The blue background is a Penny Black set I had purchased.  WHEEEE!

The bird was purchased with Paper Smooches.


Stimpy has woken up from his winter slumber. Here he is, eating lettuce... And guess who is waiting for him to walk away, so HE can eat the leftovers---- Yes, that would be SamUL!

And here's Ezra... enjoying the sunset,... watching the front driveway


  1. Cute card, love te blue bird! Stimy looks well rested! Great pictures!

  2. Welcome back Stimpy! Does Samul actually eat lettuce?
    Ezra looks so cute sitting there too.


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