Monday, April 29, 2013

Dr. Drew and Adam.... Moo-chas Gracias for a fine show!

Using my Create a Critter cow and Lawn Fawn stamps, I created this card with a coin envelope (for a gift card).  The sentiment is Scrappy Moms! I love their sentiments and fonts!


I recently saw Dr. Drew and Adam (Carolla) on their 'reunion tour' at the Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center.
It was (as always) highly entertaining.  

We also had a fabulous dinner at MB Post, in Manhattan Beach.  A MUST (although there might be a wait for a table) for some fabulous food. Hip Crowd.  (yes, that would be me and my friends.... we're HIP!... er rather, we have HIPS. LOL!)

Last thing,...
Check out Jenn's blog(Cookies, Cupcakes, & Cardio) on how to make a mother's day cupcake bouquet.  (It can be for any holiday).
I love her ideas and videos.


  1. I agree, great sentiment and perfect for the darling card! Glad you always seem to have a wonderful time wherever you go!

  2. Gorgeously cute card! Cows are a favourite, they just look so sweet!


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