Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Happy Fall Y'all... and some photos from our Photo Class (night) field trip

Here's a card I made using my Copics Coloring skills.... LOL.
It's my Fall Card!  (Probably my only one this season...).
I used my La-La Land stamps and Copics markers.... I'm trying to get this coloring technique down. AGH.
"Harvest Blessing" came from CardzTV's Stamp Set.

This card was sent to my dear friend Tammy, of Tammy's Spot... who I've never met but who I consider a wonderful friend here in this blogging community. Besides being an avid dog lover, she makes the most amazing cards- she uses so many techniques and infuses humor in her posts and cards.
She's an inspiration!

Sentiment is from Hero Arts.  Die cut is from Paper Trey Ink

Isn't this sweet?  I picked it up at a dog bakery on Bainbridge Island when I was up in Seattle.

Tonight was our night field trip for my photo class.  It was a lot of fun.  I'll share some of the photos and techniques below however you may already know how to do this stuff....   For those of you who didn't know your cameras do these things... check out below.
I used 2 cameras tonight:  a SLR Canon camera as well as a fabulous little 'point and click' Panasonic that I bought at Costco.  If you have a SLR or you have a Point and Click--- you CAN do this.

Photo 1:
Here was are, in Newport Beach, looking at the Balboa Pavilion.  No flash.... 

Exercise #1

Now I am taking a photo of the same area (USING A TRIPOD)  but I put the camera setting on  F/stop 8, ISO 200 and taking a shutter speed of 4 seconds ( The next few photos are the same settings but the photos are taken at 8 seconds, 10 seconds, and 15 seconds). The captions will explain what the photo was taken at...

 Same settings, except now a shutter speed of 4 seconds (notice, more light in the photo)

 Same settings, except now a shutter speed of 8 seconds (much more light in photo, lighting up the scene)
*Sorry, despite using tripod, a little blurry.

 Same settings, except now a shutter speed of 10 seconds (much more light)... Still no flash.

 Same settings, except now a shutter speed of 15 seconds (look at all the light!)-- still no flash.

Exercise #2
 Using the same area, and no flash, we set our cameras on F/stop : 8 and 8 second exposure.  This means that the camera is taking the photo over 8 seconds. During this time period, my teacher was standing near the boat and flashed a strobe at the boat. He immediately then started shining a flashlight on the boat and the surrounding areas.  The strobe/flashlight lit up the boat and area.  Because the 8 second exposure took in all this, you never see my teacher (as he was moving around, shining the light on the boat and surrounding areas) but you can see the area that he lit up.
Again, no flash on this photo.  The actual scene looks like just photo #1 at the top (darkness) but because he is putting light on the boat, etc... it looks lit up)

In this technique, our teacher, had a fellow student walk across the dark sand (again, no flash used in this photo).  He walked in front of her, shining the flashlight on her-- this lit her up in the photo. (The flashlight wasn't anything big. Just a normal flashlight).  In the meantime, our camera was set on F/stop 8 and a 15 second exposure.  This means the camera was taking the photo over 15 seconds (the camera was on a tripod to keep it steady).  This is the result.
Again, there was no additional lighting.  The actual beach area was dark, just like photo #1 above.

OK, this is my 8 second exposure that I took on my little Panasonic point and click. I took this photo on an ISO 200, F/stop 8, with a 8 second exposure.  Because my camera wasn't on a tripod for this photo, this is what I got.  Obviously my hand was not steady during the 8 seconds...
I call this my "Electric Light Parade photo." (here comes the Disneyland music). LOL

On this photo, I had the camera on a F/stop 8, ISO 200, and an 8 second exposure (or perhaps it was 15 seconds),.... I was using the SLR and I zoomed the lens in as the 8 seconds passed.
Because the camera lens is open for 8 seconds and the lens is zooming in-- this is the STAR WARS effect we get.

And so concludes my night field trip....
Thank you and Come again....  :)

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  1. You're making me blush! Thanks for your sweet comments and the beautiful card and precious magnet! In person, the card is colored to perfection and the papers are fabulous! The photos are amazing and your explanation of each is interesting. Wish I could remember when the time comes!
    Thanks for being my friend!


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