Thursday, June 14, 2012

Cheater's method.... Kristina Werner... and 2 fabulous SYTYCD auditions

I totally cheated on this card.  I took a scrapbook embellishment (YOU AND ME) and put it on a dimensional pop-dot.  The rose paper came from a card stock pack.  I mounted them on craft card stock and added white dash lines.  (Yea, such a cheater.  I'm sorry).
My intentions were to use these scrapbook embellishments that I had purchased that, in reality, I may never use.

A few posts-ago, I did a post on making your own square envelopes.  WELL!  Guess who did a video on that same topic.  KRISTINA WERNER.  I love her videos.   She also has her cat, Mannie, make appearances. I have NEVER heard such a vocal cat. That cat is ALWAYS talking.
I think Mannie should have his own YOUTUBE channel.

Anyway, check out her self-challenge videos below.  I encourage you to subscribe to her YOUTUBE channel and/or follow her website.   She's really creative and gutsy- She did a self-challenge-  "Make a card in 5 minutes"...  and she heat embossed!!! Is she crazy?  Check these two challenges to see if she made it.

OK, last night there were 2 fabulous audition on SYTYCD.
I couldn't wait to put both of these links on my blog...
LEROY MARTINEZ: I loved this guy.
The energy and pure spirit!!!
That's what I call DANCE spirit!

Mariah Spears
Amazing! Powerful! Sharp! Clean moves!


  1. I'm with you, I love Miss Werner's video too, always something to learn! Your card is very pretty and the stitching really kicks it up a notch!

  2. Aw, I haven't visited in a while but wow, what a darling card this is! THese cards are great and in under 5 minutes, can't beat that! Wonderful work!


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