Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Happy Birthday... and my toothbrush rant

 I know you've seen this image before but I combined it with "My Creative Time for Me" sentiment stamp and some Baker's Twine from Scrappy Moms.  (I LOVE Penny Black's farm animals series.  Sorry it seems so repetitive).

Here is a brief excerpt of an email I sent my friend last night at 11pm.  [Warning: I was very tired and cranky and irritated at the time]

It took me 30 minutes to change the toothbrush head on my electric toothbrush.  I'm tired.  It's 10:55pm and I have been working on this for 25 minutes.  
I tried to twist it off until my arthritic hands were sore and red and smelled faintly of mint.  I then tried to google 'how to remove a toothbrush head from an electric toothbrush' on my phone (because I didn't want to warm up my computer as it takes 5 minutes to get through all the programs that HP has generously loaded my computer with) and while trying to search it, typing with my arthritic hands, I ran out of battery.  Not wanting to go to bed without brushing my teeth, I turned the computer on (waited the 5 minutes to load everything, including the HP Advisor, to which I say... "I don't want your advice.") and continued with my google search on "how to change the brushhead on my toothbrush."  After a number of false leads (to which I say...."HOW CAN WE HAVE  FALSE LEAD ON A SUBJECT SO SIMPLE AS 'CHANGING A TOOTHBRUSH HEAD'"),   I finally found the manual online.  For your reference, under the section "how to change your brush-head," there is a drawing of my toothbrush with the brushhead, floating above the electric toothbrush, as if to imply it simple SLIDES off the electric toothbrush....  
Hardly, she says drily.
 [VERY] LONG story short-- I took a pair of pliers and basically cracked the replaceable head and removed it from my toothbrush.
It is now 11:30pm and I am 30 minutes late to bed and have sore joints in my hands and am cranky.
I hate my toothbrush.
And yes, dear Readers... this is the kind of email I send my friends, usually filled with typos and punctuation errors because my (typing) accuracy drastically declines as the number of hours I've been awake approaches 24.
For you, dear Readers, I have invoked Spell-Czech.  :)


  1. Poor dear, next time you're out, buy yourself an emergency toothbrush.
    Love your card, can't get tired of sweet cows!

  2. Such a cool stamp, no wonder you like using it! Poor you and I can totally sympathise with the sore hands....mine are getting worse all the time....grrrrr.
    You asked about Brodie's sore lip, he had a type of dermatitis that ulcerated really fast ....we think! Either that or it was a spider bite or something similar.

  3. Isn't it great to have friends that put up with our rantings every now and then- even crazy ones sent at 11:00 at night? At least an email is better than a phone call :-).
    I love your card and I love this image. Every time I see an "udder" balloon, I think of my daughter. She works in a dental office and makes dozens of laytex glove balloons for the kids that come in.

  4. How are you Scrappy Doo? I hope you're feelin’ better. Anyway, I agree with Tammy! You should have an extra toothbrush with you for emergency purposes. And in case you don't know, electric toothbrush heads should last only for 3 months, same as normal toothbrushes. So the next time around, you won’t have a hard time changing the head of your electric toothbrush.

  5. @Theresa: It’s truly great to have those kinds of friends, Theresa! @Scrappy Doo: Hey Scrappy Doo! What I like most about electric toothbrushes is the feeling that I just came from a cleaning appointment with my dentist. It’s because the movement of the bristles that provides a deep cleaning that a typical toothbrush cannot provide. Did you notice that?


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