Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Fred... snapshots of a lucky dog

Unfortunately, today I had to put Fred down.  In the last week, he has been having some neurological issues primarily having to do with his motor skills.  In short, we believe he had a brain tumor that was pressing on his central nervous system and causing some motor skills problem (he wasn't able to walk a straight line and he would fall to the left).   In addition, we found that he had some bleeding in his abdomen (through a blood panel test) and he had nodules of cancer in his lungs (metastisis from a primary site, presumably the abdomen). Coincidentally enough, I had the last 2 days off from work so I was able to spend a lot of time with Fred and caring for him as he was having periodic difficulty walking. I am thankful that the timing worked out this way.

Fred lived a wonderful life.  He came to me by way of a friend who saw him get hit on a busy highway.  Fred's right rear leg was shattered.  Chris couldn't have a dog but he paid to have the orthopedic surgery done on Fred's leg as no one claimed him at the shelter and they were going to put him down.  I rehabilitated him for Chris.  I found that I couldn't give him to someone else as he had bonded with my Golden, Emma, and my Malamute mix, Kodi.  During the next 4 years, he had 4 subsequent surgeries to fully repair that leg.  He never complained and was a good patient to all who worked with him.
That wasn't the end of his need for medical services... he also had a tumor on his right rear that was removed a few years ago but required 1 month of radiation therapy.  He loved to go for his radiation therapy (I think he thought he was going to a spa!).   Likewise, the staff said he was one of their most favorite patients.  I, on the other hand, was glad that the morning trips at 4am to the hospital and pickup at noon, sandwich in between work, were done once radiation therapy was over with.
Lastly, he was fortunate to take a vacation to San Francisco a few years ago and stay in a real hotel!

I'm thankful that he didn't suffer long and I was able to minimize any discomfort he felt.  He's in a better place-- probably telling Kodi and Emma all about the 'new dog' Sam.

I hate the flash.

Arthritis Walk 2009, Irvine CA with Grandpa/Grandma

Seriously? NO!

Get the camera out of my face.

Fred in a Santa Suit.


  1. Oh Naomi, I'm so sorry about Fred. What a good dog he was. I know how much you'll miss him. I'm sending you hugs, my friend.

  2. To some, they are just dogs, but to us they are our world. I share in your loss, I know your heart is broken. Thinking of you.

  3. Farewell, Freddie. You were a great dog - so cooperative to put on those ridiculous costumes and put up with the other crazy doggies. Really, what was up with that ladybug costume??
    We were all lucky to have you in our lives and you will be missed.

  4. Ohhh Naomi...I'm crying here just thinking about what you must be feeling..... :(
    What a lucky boy he was to find you and your fur family. I'm sure he knew it too. Hugs to you. Viv xx

  5. Awww...I'm so sorry. :( It's always so hard to lose a beloved fur-baby. Fred sounded like an awesome dog, who went through so much in his life. He is pain free now.....RIP Fred.

  6. Life in the Scrap LaneJuly 20, 2011 at 10:01 PM

    Hi N, you know how sad this makes me. Fred had a good life because of you and will be missed.

  7. Oh, I feel so bad for you. Having to do this myself (3times), I know how you must be feeling. Please know that I am thinking about you.
    Theresa in Kitimat


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