Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Foxy Trot

Here's another card using Campin' Critters.  This actually could be a comedic caricature of me in spin class. Do ya see how that right thigh just melts into the right calf?  That's called Reese's Pieces Alley! [I'm currently addicted to them.  Why? I don't know. Ever since my congestion, I find comfort in these little pebbles of salty crunchiness.]  
BTW, that sexy fox is on an Action Wobble....



  1. I LOVE this!! The bright colors are awesome

  2. Fun card! Glad to see he's wearing a helmet.

  3. Naomi, this is fabulous! Love your doodling ~jeni :)

  4. Looks like hard work....think I'd rather lie down and eat my chocolate!
    Very cute Naomi! Love his beady eyes! LOL! Viv xx

  5. What a fun whimsical card! Diggin' it!


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