Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Day at Dog Beach, Huntington Beach, CA... and "Attack of the Birds'.... bowels"

Sam and Colt went to Dog Beach today (May 10, 2011)!!!  (Fred has been and hates it so he went to Grandma & Grandpa's).  Here are some photos from their day at the beach.  Most of the dogs are off leash.  I can't allow these two off leash as Colt runs up fast on dogs and can scare them.  Sammy will run away and not come back when called.  The weather was gorgeous and they had a nice time.  Sammy was a little less thrilled with the GIANT POOL OF WATER.  Colt loved it.

Video of their day is at the very end...

Note:I did stop at a little independent scrapbooking store.  We don't have many small independent ones. It was nice. I picked up a few Distress Ink pads and some $1 clear stamps.

Looking towards Palos Verdes/Long Beach

Looking south at the Huntington Beach Pier, with Ruby's at the end of it!  YUMMY!

SamUL and Colt

"Attack of the Buckshots"
I also took the dogs with me to Newport Beach as I had an appointment. I let them sit in the car under a very shady tree while I was at my appointment.  I came out and this is what I found....

I don't know if Colt was yapping at the birds or if they sensed the dogs were nearby or what but my car was COVERED in bird poop.  The windshield was peppered with buckshots. I  had to use the windshield wipers to be able to SEE out the window.  Yes, I can hear you all chuckling but it was unsightly.  By the time you read this, my car will have been washed. 


  1. Yay! Fun at the beach! Cool pics of your babies . Brodie LOVES the beach and the river, would swim all day if he could. The poodles are a bit like Sam, picking their feet delicately out of the water! LOL!
    As for the car....nasty birdies!

  2. you were DIVE bombed! Oooooh!!! YUCK!!!

    Doggies look happy, though. :)

    and I'm jealous. Check out that beautiful ocean!

  3. Life in the ScrapLaneMay 11, 2011 at 9:21 PM

    Love those handsome boys! Bird poop, YUK!

  4. Great fun for the pups. I used to take my goldens to the river. I purchased a cloth clothesline and tied them to it and it wasn't a cumbersome as a leash and they could swim further and I didn't have to get wet. Love watching dogs play.

  5. Yuckie Birdie Poo but your pups are too adorable! ~jeni :)

  6. OK I left a comment here but blogger threw its tanty and dropped me off! I love your doggie pics, Brodie would be in there splashing around. The poodles are like Sam...not quite sure about getting feet wet! LOL!
    As for your car....NASTY birdies!!!!!


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