Monday, March 21, 2011

Tristan's Pledge.... and a whole lot of rambling....

Copics and a bit of Stickles
As promised, here is the card I'm mailing on Tristan's behalf for the Maraachli family.  This cute image came from  Bugaloo Stamps. It's called Deacon's Swing.

Scrapping Mom's Sentiment stamp with Worn Lipstick brushed on edge

Well, today was Vacation Day #1.  I fought pouring rain to find the Levi's Outlet only to find that they don't sell my particular Levi's: Women's Relaxed Fit: 550 (for those with a bit of junk in the trunk).   But I did find a cute little dog store called Trendy Pawz.  I came in from the rain and saw the clearance rack.  Here are Fred and SamUL modeling their new hoodies.

 Although he looks put out, Colt doesn't like to wear clothes.  He's an 'au naturel' dog:
He is looking so sad.  It's not because he doesn't have his own  hoodie. It's because he wants to go for a car ride and can't understand why I'm not getting the clue that he wants to go for a car ride.

I stopped at a 'bigger' Joann's to my normal Joanns. WOW, they had TONS of K & Co paper (SO MUCH MORE THAN MY JOANNS) and TONS of DCWV paper.  I did pick up a "Super Assortments" paper pack that I had seen the Pink Stamper talk about on her blog LAST year. I had NEVER seen it sold in the stores that I shop at.  It was 40% off.  Here is my loot that I picked up. (note: the stickers were $1 in the $1 rack.  Joann's has different $1 items and I was really impressed.). Also, I was able to use a coupon and get this 'fiber' yarn that I had seen Christina use. 

Lastly, I found this Recollections pack mis-filed at my local Michael's last week. Since then, I have been unable to find it again (as well as any similar type of set).  It appears this is part of their new Recollections products line and they haven't yet put out all the items so I can't go and buy another pack.  This pack must have been picked up by a customer who put it back SOMEWHERE ELSE... where I found it.  When I inquired, the employee said that they had stocked them on the shelves and then decided to re-organize.  So, they took them off the shelves and right now, they're in boxes in the storeroom, waiting to be put back out on the shelves.  This one was apparently missed. THANK GOD FOR THAT!   It's a great little set of tags and journal cut outs and nifty little cute animals.  I can't wait to see what other 'styles' of sets they have. I LOVE IT.  There are 186 pieces to it.   (Price: $3.99)

Fresh in from the "WTF" file:
Why yes,... that is the nylon that you'd use to try on shoes, hanging on the Michael's candy display.   All together now... WTF?


  1. ROFL....had to get the laugh out of the way with, first...on that stinkin' nylon!

    Your card is adorable! Your coloring just keeps getting better. :) The dogs are sweet, too!

    Looks like you scored some goodies!

  2. hehe you are funny! I wish we had a joanns but it close.
    I like yours card and Thank you

    see ya

  3. Eeeewwww...who puts their nylons on a candy rack!?!
    Love that digi, such a cutie. Great card Naomi!
    Your poochies are adorable. ~jeni :)

  4. Isn't there a sign in shoe stores that tells you to take your disposable nylon to a craft store because crafters will buy anything?

    Very sweet card, I'm sure the young lad and his family will be very appreciative.

    Great doggie pixs!


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