Sunday, March 20, 2011

Enjoy Life....

Look at this PLAYA ladies...  He has the money, the clothes and look at that self-assured stance.  Now let's all WALK, not run... to Simply Betty Stamps for this hottie.  You can find "Tommy" under Veronica & Gang digis (or you can click on the link above- haha). The sentiment message is one I created for a friend who has had some nifty things happening to him.  Alas, don't get the wrong impression, he is one of the least materialistic individuals I know, ergo the ironic "$" signs.

As for the sofa image, I THINK I got it at Squigglefly but I don't see it now. (maybe Marlene knows?).  Oops.  I'll re-edit if I do find the image. I hate not giving the artist the credit.

The caption was placed on distressed Bazzill Textured paper so it looks like material (thicker and frayed)

In other news, I went back to Arts Supply Warehouse (in Westminster, CA) to try to buy some more COPICS and I happened to go on a day they were having their annual sale. It meant 25% off all purchases (AND FREE POPCORN!!!!)  HAHA.
So... I was able to pick up more COPICS for $3 each!!!!!  My little Copics Tupperware is starting to look like Jeni's (Have you seen her latest images she colored?).

It is raining really hard here in So Cal.  Eek.  It's either sunny or pouring.  I have a few days off so I'll be up crafting and watching NetFlix until 4am... (love working in the quiet darkness).   I still haven't cracked the seal on my Cricut Expression 12x12 mat. I have been working on some other stuff... one of which is for Tristan.
Tristan is 8.... and I see he has just joined the Design Team for Wendy at Digital Delights for Louby Lou. [Congrats Tristan! Way to represent the under 10 age group!!!!!!].  
Tristan has called out to us scrappers to help create cards to give to the parents of Joseph Maraachli. Moe Maraachli and Sana Nader are the parents whose terminally ill 13 month old son, was moved from a Canadian hospital to a hospital in St. Louis for further care.  If you have a bit of time and can join Tristan in his good deed... here's where to mail the card (Emily is helping him):

Cards for Maraachli Family Project            
C/O Emily Hammann & Tristan Alexander                    
2642 Helen Ave
Brentwood, MO 63144

Being Human (the US Version): free on Hulu.  LOVING it!
And, I just tried the 30 days rial (free) for NetFlix (streaming online).  I've been watching "Arrested Development." 


  1. Great cards! Love dad with his remote! The image is by Brian Lock. Love it!

  2. Great cards Naomi! Copics for $3.00!!!! I am sooooo jealous...and pop corn to boot. Lucky gal ~jeni :)

  3. Actually, that is NOT a Brian Lock image, as far as I remember. It's an old Digi Shack image, which is no longer available because TDS closed it's doors.

    LOVE the cards!

    I've been following the Maraachli story with interest. Such a sad story. The baby is terminal. There is no hope. He's been in a vegetative state for some months. He cannot breath unassisted. The parents wanted a tracheostomy done so they could take their baby home to die in peace. The hospital felt it was too invasive, and wanted to discontinue the respirator as it is keeping this "brain dead" baby alive artificially. It's the whole Terri Shiavo debate again.


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