Monday, March 14, 2011

Missing you... Operation Write Home and a SHOUT OUT TO TRISTAN

The purple cheetah print was from a Recollections set they just put out (Michaels).  The sentiment came from Scrappy Moms. I used a purple metallic gel pen to faux stitch.  In retrospect, I should have positioned the satin ribbon below his armpits... but oh well.  Too late now.

I try to make at least 1 card a month for Operation Write Home.  This was made with my Pooh  cartridge.  I'm not a Disney fan, but Eeyore reminds me of my second dog, Auggie. Auggie had a similar personality to Eeyore.

Hey, Have you guys seen Tristan's blog??? If you haven't... you gotta go check it out and follow him. He's 8 and boy, does he have a talent for making cards.  Check him out....
Tristan's Blog.    For being 8, he sure is good at what he does. He's the next Tim Holtz!!! This little dude even gives out Blog Candy.  Honestly, I'd feel bad winning blog candy from him because that might be his milk money (HOW MANY OF YOU REMEMBER GETTING MILK MONEY????)
Keep it up Tristan! We're watching (and "following"... but not in a stalking way-- 'cuz you're only 8... and that would be wrong... and I value my freedom!). haha.

Ehem.... moving on....
Amuse-bouche: I live with a serial killer of Teddy Bears.  I came home one day about 3 weeks ago to find just a teddy bear head sitting on the couch... Just The Head.   (Note, I had bought about 5 of them after Valentine's Day from Wal-Mart). 

Here is the latest carnage that I came upon Thursday:

Who was the perpetrator of this horrific crime?  
Are YOU looking at ME????


  1. hehe I like yours dogs i am sorry they eat your bear up . thank you for liking my cards I send cards to troops also and kids in the hospitals that are sick. how did you know i like eyore he is my faverite on pooh. do you see you win my blog candy ? You not email me yet. oh I am in a blog hop this week end Luck of irish

    see ya

  2. Hahahahahaha, this is the funniest post! Poor Teddy! what a face - how can you possibly be upset :) Love the pups! And your card is FAB!! I'm a big Disney fan (you didn't hear that, lol) so your card just made me smile huge - great job!!

  3. Awww, he is so sweet! (The card and the dog...not so much the eviscerated fluffy.)

  4. My daughter loves Eyore, and has quite a collection. Great card for her too since she is living in Japan!

    Pups are too cute. I pretty sure, you cat did it. If you don't have a cat, then your neighbor's cat snuck in while you were working and did it just to make the dogs look bad.

  5. Hahahaha! Poor teddy...
    Adorable Eyore card. ~jeni :)

  6. Nasty eyes...teddy not look at me like that again! Still got arms & legs though mum, whatcha worried about?

    Cute card hun, that Eeyore is adorable.

    Auggie looks so sweet,Abbie was an Eeyore too.....

  7. hehe I still laugh when I see this. did you see this I posted Sunday

    see ya


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