Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Love you bunches....

Let's get to the card first and then those of you who like to read about my mundane life in So Cal can do so at the bottom:

For some reason, I really like the Preserves cartridge even though I have no clue why anyone would want a card with a mango on it.  I was thinking about how to incorporate it into a card for the Operation Write Home group....  VOILA!
I used a Jolee's punch that was on clearance at Michaels to make butterflies.  I used mini brads around the sentiment.

 On to my mundane life...

I've been super busy so I don't think I've had time to post about my latest investment (sounds good huh?... I invested in something.... as opposed to "I bought myself another toy.").  Custom Crops was having a sale... and I bought the Expression for $169. Now, PLEASE don't tell me that it's cheaper somewhere else. I've already been guilt-ridden for buying this... because I have several expenditures lined up for this spring/summer's budget:  Ipad2, Iphone5,....  What can I say?  I work hard... I play hard (well, by "play" I mean "eat" or "buy electronic toys").... 

To be honest, I was really annoyed that there are 3 cartridges that I have that can't be used to full capacity with a Cricut Create:  TBBM, Wild Card and Just Because. [Note: you can use them but just not make the envelopes for A2 cards as they don't fit on the 12x6 mat] 
I saw what  Christina   (I'm on a first name basis with her-- NOT!)   did with her carts using a big Expression and I decided... DARN IT!!! I want to do that too. (This kind of behavior is how those "name-a-city" Housewives became so annoying.)

SO, last night, my box came via UPS.  I got it opened but haven't had time to try it out because I had work to do and I still needed to get sleep from the last few days.
I also have realized that it's a bit bigger than I thought and I'm going to have to re-arrange my little studio area (haha, sounds so Artsy-Fartsy, doesn't it?) to make room for it.

But rest assured, one of the first few things I'm going to do is use the Wild Card or Just Because cartridge and make an ENVELOPE to go with a normal A2 size card!!!! 


  1. Yay you! On your investment, of course! :)

    Now while I think your card is adorable, I'm afraid I have some not so good news for you.

    If I'm seeing correctly, there is glitter on that card. There is ZERO glitter allowed on OWH cards because it can be spotted at night, and puts the soldiers at risk (if it gets on them, obviously). You may already know this...but I thought I'd throw it out there if you didn't...because I didn't at first, either.

  2. P.S. I just had to also say I'm incredibly proud of you for spelling VOILA correct!!!!!! (It bugs me when people spell it "wah-lah or viola"!)

  3. Hi Naomi! Congrats on getting your Expression!! Can't wait to see all the cards and envies you make!

  4. Hi your card is very nice. I am happy for you that you got a new cricut.

    see ya

  5. Fabulous card! Very creative on your part. Marlene is right about the glitter though I'm sure you know someone who would be tickled to receive such a great card.

    You left a comment about Jose Hosed. If you go back to my blog and click on the words "Jose Hosed" it will take you right to where he can be purchased.

    Thanks for always checking my blog.


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