Friday, February 18, 2011

My Scrapping Mess.... and a birthday wallet!

I wanted to give a shout out to all the scrappers at Bonibleaux who commented on my last post.  Boy, I had never gotten so many comments.  It inspired me to use more Bonibleaux images   :)    Seriously, thank you for the comments!!! 

Coincidentally, I was able to go to a great Arts warehouse where I found Copics.  I've been wanting them for so long!!!  I bought some Copics Sketch Markers.  (They were $3.99 each). Is that a good price?  It seemed like it. I got to try them out and I LOVE them.  I don't have a lot of colors so I'll have to balance with my Prismacolor pencils but Marlene ( ) was right... so easy.  I can't wait to use it on some digi-images.
They also sold Tombo Mono-Liquid Glue which Christina has been talking about at .  Michaels and Joann's doesn't sell it.  AND Michaels (in my town) stopped selling the Terrific Tacky (red, double sided tape).  BOO!!! I guess I'm going to either try other Michaels' stores or order online. Oddly enough it is still on their website for sale.

In the meantime, I have been very busy.  I made a wallet card for a co-worker for his birthday.  Please see below.  I got the recipe from Nicole. She has a great video (  ) so if you want to make one.... click on the link.  
(COMMENTARY:I had trouble with adhering the credit card section to the bottom part of the card.  The double back adhesive didn't hold the cardstock together.  If you opened the 'bills' section, the wallet fell apart.  I then resorted to Scotch Quick dry.  I found with that, it didn't allow for flexibility to open the wallet and the paper tore... So I resorted to apply Quick dry along the sides and bottom framework... however, I didn't apply it on either side of the crease at the bottom (about 1/2" in each direction of the crease).   This seems to help (SO FAR).)

As for my co-worker's card, a bunch of us are signing it so you can see all the tags I made so people could sign the 'card.' 

I am also trying to work on a few cards with the Wild Card Cartridge that I got.  I was inspired by Christina (Creations with Christina) however I don't have an Expression so my cards aren't very big. Oh well.

So, here are the photos of my co-worker's card followed by my scrapping table that I took a photo of this afternoon. Notice, I just took a photo of the desk.  You don't see other parts of the room because that's a mess beyond messes.  There are eviscerated stuffed animals (and stuffing) all over the floor (yes, I pick it up but the Chi-weenie LOVES to bring 'nesting material' to me-- even if it's from my couch!).  
Cuttlebug Embossing folder (I think it's called Traffic).


  1. Love the wallet, very creative and perfect for a man. And speaking of love, you are gong to love copics but beware, you can never get enough.

  2. Hey - that is a TERRIFIC price for Copic Sketch Markers! You did well! YAY you for jumping on that bandwagon. :) Remember - lay down your copic colors FIRST. Then you can use your prismacolor pencils. The alcohol inks from the markers will not work over the waxy areas you've colored with your prismacolors. I may have explained this to you before.

    Can't wait to see some colored images from you now! :)

  3. Ahhh what a sweet thank you!! I'm so glad you like our images!! We love seeing them come alive in talented hands! Can't wait to see more! LOVE the wallet - what a great little creation!


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