Sunday, January 16, 2011

Happy Easter

I decided to bring out my 3 Birds Cartridge:
The stamp was in the $1 Michaels bin. I stickled a light green color on it.  Both ribbons were $1 at Michaels.  I embossed the background with the same stamp.  The white flowers were found in a pack in the bridal section at Michaels (Yes, I wish I had a Hobby Lobby!!!)

I saw Anna today, and she made another card.  We took a photo of it and here it is!!!! She DEFINITELY has the Cricut bug! She's having a lot of fun visiting all the video sites... You GO GIRL!


  1. Such a cute Easter card! Yay for sucking your friend into card making. She is doing great. ~jeni :)

  2. Your Easter card really rocks! Love the bunny ears on the birdie.

  3. Adorableicious - but HEY's not even Valentine's Day yet!


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