Wednesday, January 19, 2011


One of my dear friends turned... ... today.
Sentiment (heat embossed) from Scrappy Mom's, paper from Valentine's Day paper at Michaels, Image from Birthday Bash cartridge, glossy accent oozing over the Stickles on the flames, and pink chalk on the sentiment label (cut with Fiskar's scissor)
I wanted to show you the birthday card I made her.  

Close up of my exquisite faux stitching

My photos aren't very good.  Perhaps it's because I had the cardboard platform on my bed (which is not flat, as I don't make my bed... often... ok, rarely.   KIDS, do NOT repeat this at home).  OR perhaps it's because I had a Chiweenie, just off of camera view, wanting to step on the platform as if it were a teeter-totter,... OR perhaps, it's because I STILL can't take a decent photo of my cards.
I'm gambling on the last one.

I did want to say that I bought a QuikStick from Amazon for $12.97 (free shipping if you can go in with a bunch of people to order it.  Or, in my case, if you order your mother TWO COPIES of a book called "How We Die."  [Yes, you read correctly.])

I digress... back to the Quikstick... the first time I used it was to put the confetti on the cake (for this card).  WHO MADE THIS THING??? It is... BRILLIANT!!!
It's like when you were a kid and went to someone's house and they had a MICROWAVE.  And you all stood close (even though you weren't supposed to) and watched the cheese start to melt all over the tortilla.  What a NOVEL IDEA!!!!! 
I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT... to the 5 people that read these posts weekly(and I thank you for your support!).



  1. Awww! cute card! Love your stitching!
    As for the bed...I gave up making ours as a cheeky poodle tunnels in for a snuggle when I go to work!

  2. Your posts crack me up, girl!

    This card is gorgeous! Might have to put it in my top faves list of yours!

  3. Oh my gosh, love your adorable cake! Never heard of "Quickstart". Gonna check it out. ~jeni :)

  4. Life in the Scrap LaneJanuary 21, 2011 at 9:12 PM

    Card is cute as usual and I love the google eyes -nice touch!

  5. Ahh, what a sweet, sweet card. Candles look they are lite


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