Tuesday, December 21, 2010

We're almost there....

It's almost Christmas.  

The rain is creating havoc in parking lots and on the streets.  I got cut off 3 times on the road today.  (I won't tell you how many people I cut off.... Just Kidding..., I don't cut off people.  I am a VERY careful driver.  I always use my signal and check my 'blind spots.'   Yes, I overcompensate to avoid being stereotyped as "the asian driver.)"

So, how about another card?

Here is a scene from one of my absolute FAVORITE CHRISTMAS MOVIES 
Whaa?  Did you think I was gonna show something "classy" like "White Christmas" or "It's A Wonderful Life?"  Ha!  I thought you guys knew me better.

How about this one? This reminds me of a Christmas Eve dinner two years ago...
  (from my other favorite Christmas movie "A Christmas Story.")

Hope wherever you are, you are warm and healthy!!!


  1. Adorable card, Naomi!

    I love the whole Fa-ra-ra-ra-ra scene in A Christmas Story, too!

  2. Cute card! Christmas Vacation has to be one of my all time favorite Christmas movies!!! TFS!


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