Monday, December 20, 2010


Did I hear that right?   Hydrology (the study of water???)

So Cal is being hit with a series of storms that has left us in a state of permanent moisture since Friday.  I keep hearing our local weatherman being interviewed on my favorite AM radio station and he keeps using the word "HYDROLOGY."
It's the new MUST USE word... like "exfoliate" (2 years ago) or "product" (last year).

I love this weatherman. He is hilarious.  He dances when he gives the weather (and he also is active in adopting animals to good homes).  Here's a sample of his skilz...

And here's a card to keep you all in the holiday spirit:

The image was a stamp that I got at a convention 10 yrs ago. I used Primacolor pencils, stickles and ribbon from Michaels. The mistletoe is a punch from Martha Stewart (MS) with stickles (red) on it.  Note, I did emboss with the Cuttlebug the leaves.

Close up for Marlene  :)

Snowman Fleece"tie" blanket I made for a present

Doggie "tie" fleece blanket

Fleece blanket for my Packers friend


  1. Your weatherman is hilarious! Love your cute snowman card too! (And the blankets are awesome!!!)

  2. Hahahaha! Thanks for the laugh.
    Your card is beautiful!
    Lovely blankets, look nice & cozy.
    Merry Christmas! ~jeni :)

  3. Love, love, love the blankets! TFS!

  4. Love, love, love the blankets!!! TFS!

  5. Wonderful creations! (Except the Packer's one. It would be great if it were for the Eagles! Hope you weather improves fast!

  6. Stay dry, chicky!

    Love the card - thanks for the close up! :)

    You know, I'm gonna get shit from other bloggers for coming here and commenting and not giving everyone equal time! I've only had a few minutes each day - and so far you've been on my "hit"!

    Love the blankies!


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