Saturday, December 11, 2010

Holiday Thank You box

Here is an exploding box I had made that doubled as a thank you card and happy holidays card.
The box was made so that a large number of people can say "thanks" that is why there are so many panels. 
Feel free to click on the photo to make it bigger.
The ribbon is from Michaels and the paper is from a DCWV paper pack

I used my Fiskar scissors to cut little journaling areas. I used some bling and a lot of faux pen stitching. I also used an oval punch.

Again, more faux outlining on the white paper

I used some stickers that were on the Michaels $1 bin


For all you BSB's and NKOTB fans... disregard the paragraph below. It will probably be Klingon to you...

Guess what's out on DVD?  Season 1 and 2 of Moonlighting.  I loved this show!!!! $9.99 at Target.
(Oh, and guess what else I HAD to buy.  Partridge Family, Season 1!!!!  "I think I love you...")


  1. I love these exploding boxes! What a great idea for a thank you!
    Glad you like my babies, I see you're a doggie fan too.

    And OMG Moonlighting? As in Bruce Willis & Cybill Shepherd?!!!! Takes me back, it was sooo cool! LOL!
    The Partridge Family, I was so jealous of them in their bus and singing in a band and those clothes! ROTFLMAO!

    Viv :)

  2. Fabby EXPLODING BOX. Just do yourself a favor - don't carry one of those in your carry-on luggage at the airport. When asked what it is, if you answer truthfully, I'll have to be bailing you out of jail.


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