Saturday, November 6, 2010

Digi's with Attitude!!!! Thanks Marlooney!!!

Imagine my surprise to find that I was nominated for an award at Digi's With Attitude.  First of all, I am rarely nominated for anything... pleasant.  Usually it's something along the lines of "She'll do it. She has no shame or sense of decorum."  But this is really neat. Plus I got a nifty badge to put on my blog.  Considering I never was in the Girl Scouts or Brownies (because it conflicted with the numerous piano recitals that most asians are branded at birth to succumb to), I've never received a badge.  Oh wait.  Does the YMCA swim badges count?  I think I got up to "Minnow."

I have to name 3 things that separate me from everyone else. So many to choose from....
Here it goes.  
1.  I have been known to share my eating utensils with my dogs.  I don't have a problem with feeding them off a fork or spoon and then putting the utensil in my mouth.  (Some of you make be feeling the urges to hurl... and that brings me to #2)
2.  I am not adverse to vomiting.  I believe it is a very nice abdominal work out and normally, when I am retching, it is because I'm not well enough to go to the gym.  SO... there's the yin for the yang.  M.U.L.T.I.-.T.A.S.K.I.N.G.
3.  I'm naturally hyper and don't require a lot of sleep.  In addition, I have a very out-spoken personality. BANG.  Throw in caffeine and I am a walking ball of noise and energy.  This can be more than annoying to some people who enjoy a very calm and zen-like atmosphere.  Heck, even without caffeine, I can annoy some people.  
To bring the point home: the Japanese have a slang word synonymous with "obnoxious."  URUSAI [sounds like UUH RUU SIGH].  My dad gave me a shirt with the words printed on it.

Now, I have nominate 5 people for the same opportunity to receive a $5 GIFT CERTIFICATE FROM DIGI'S WITH ATTITUDE.  If you guys follow and comply with the instructions, you receive a $5 gift certificate!  What do you think of THAT?  Here are the 5 I've nominated. 

1.  Nicole at Canadian Nickel Scrap'n:

2.  Jeni at Flip Flop Creations:

3.  MiamiKel at Sandcastle Stamper:

4.  Mary at Cardztv

5.  Linda at Linda's Crafty Creation:

Please display the badge from Digi's with Attitude on your sidebar and create a link to the Digi's with Attitude Challenge Blog. Here are the guidelines (click here)

Thank you for your continued inspiration... Hope you get something good so I can see what great things you guys create!


  1. Awe shucks, thanks:o) I can't wait to display!!!

  2. You totally deserve it, chickie!!! You have ATTITUDE!! I love it!

    (You're alone in your hurling though....I can't stand hurling! Maybe you can hurl while I fart. What an obnoxious pair we'd make!)

  3. Congrats on your award! Attitude is FAB-U-Lous! :) And thanks for thinking of me! I'm very honored! :)


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