Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A gaggle of newlyweds

Everyone around me is getting married.  Well, almost everyone.  I've been busy making gift boxes for those gift cards.  I thought I'd post some samples of two 'wedding' gift boxes I made.

The first gift box was for a friend whose wedding colors were turquoise and brown.  I incorporated parts of her invitation into the gift box (It's the license plate of the car).  Please click below to see my live action video with music by Chaka Khan. (Yea, I need to keep my day job. )


The second gift box was for one of my scrapping friends.  Her colors were royal blue and black.  I wasn't able to do a video for hers, so here are the photos

The cartridge I used was Sweethearts

This was one of the side panels


  1. WOW!! This is gorgeous!!! I saw your little youtube video...heehee! Got a little dizzy when you kept spinning around this box! HA HA HA. Seriously - LOVE this project! (Please don't tell me you got THIS idea from Nicole, too....because she can barely keep her head on straight these days from all the accolades.) ;)

  2. Chaka Khan - awesome.
    They're beautiful! That's a ton of precision cutting and gluing. Wow.
    So how do you keep the dogs from nosing around and trying to eat your scrapping stuff? Or maybe they're past that age?
    Also I'd love to see a video/pix of how all your supplies are organized. I imagine you have amassed quite a bit of stuff by now and I know you are the organization queen. We could use a little of that over here in this house!

  3. Ahhh, see, I didn't read far enough in your blog. You've really spiffed up the room - it looks great with all your crafting stuff arranged so neatly! Nicely done.

  4. I love these boxes. So pretty and such a great gift.


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