Sunday, June 2, 2013

A chinchilla xray- for your viewing pleasure....

One of my friends is on Weight Watchers and had lost 20+ pounds.  She is doing so well-- so I wanted to make her this card to give her a little encouragement.  If you're not familiar with Weight Watchers, they assign "points" to different foods (ergo the background paper).  I used some Lawn Fawn stamps to make fruit slices as fruits and veggies are 'zero' points, toward your daily intake.  The scale came from this super cute set from "Alley Way Stamps."  The stamps there are sooo cute. I used Copics to color the fruit slices.


One of my chinchillas, Dwight, has been a little ill. He hasn't been eating as much as he used to.  He's dropped about 100 grams in the last year and dramatically in the last month.  I've been hand-feeding him and giving him some (intestinal antibiotics) medicine in an attempt to kill any bacteria in his intestinal tract.   Chinchillas can be fussy eaters for 'no reason' so I hope we can surf this wave smoothly.

Here is 1 shot (of many) of Dwight's xrays.  [Yes, I had xrays done.]  I found this fascinating and thought I'd share. He looks like a pterodactyl.  If you look closely, you see what appears to be a 'beak.'  It's actually his two top teeth and two lower teeth (like a gopher or rabbit).  The roots of the tooth go along the top of the roof of the mouth... the bottom teeth roots trace along the line of the chin.  The two white glowing areas are his grinding molars (similar to ours) with roots going up into his sinus area and down near the base of his chin. One of the things we were ruling out was an abscess in the teeth root(s). That would have been very bad.  This is a good sign... however we still aren't 100% sure why he's not eating.

And here is Sam and Ezra at Rubios:
Yes, he is a "shrimp" and she is "special."


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  1. Sweet card, makes me hungry! Interesting about the xrays! Hope he starts eating better soon!


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