Sunday, February 17, 2013

No card today.... just a photo update....

It's been 1 week since Ezra has come to live with us.  She has had 8 teeth extracted, gotten new clothing, and slowly adjusted to life at our zoo.

Her gums have pretty much healed however she's still eating canned food... (at least until her follow up visit), she has gone for a number of car rides, gone to Petsmart TWICE to look for more outfits, went on a very long walk (although she was carried part of the way), eaten at Rubios, and seen her new Grandma and Grandpa several times.

She also has learned the ways of the household and the new sounds: the Labrador next door that barks, the young college kids who have friends over- prompting her and Colt and Sam to stand on my bed (and use a few pillows as boosters) to watch them diligently, the squirrel marathon that Colt has- running back and forth as the squirrel runs overhead on the telephone lines (She still can't figure out why he bothers), and finally... WHAT ARE THOSE THINGS LIVING IN THE OTHER BEDROOM???  LOL.  She finally noticed there are a chinchillas in the other bedroom.  It was like being a Disneyland- her eyes were WIDE OPEN.

She still has her sad moments but she's doing better.

On the other hand, SamUL has had to learn to share and has been nipped at a few times for his overzealous behavior.  Both boys are learning that Ezra is no-nonsense and doesn't want to participate in their tomfoolery.

Here are some recent photos, including a nice new shot at the local park.
It's not even bedtime and they've been like this for the last 4 hours!

At the local park...

At Rubios...
Sam and Colt, waiting for a piece of chicken

Ezra, in her reflective harness, waiting for a very small piece of chicken.  She's small- about 13 lbs.

See you soon with a card. I've been busy with work but I hope to have some time to craft tomorrow.

Happy Presidents' Day.  I hope you have something fun planned to celebrate!


  1. Everyone knows you must have a practice nap before bedtime! Great photos. Glad to hear things are working out!

  2. Awwww this just warmed my heart. You have a gracious and generous heart!! God bless you for all you do and for loving them =)

  3. Wow! How wonderful that you took in an old lady just like that. It can be so hard fitting an older dog in with existing ones. But saying that , boys need a woman to sort them out! She looks cute :)


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