Wednesday, January 23, 2013

You're TREE-MENDOUS... and more photos from Pioche...

Using my Cricut and Cuttlebug, I created this thank you card with a Scrappy Moms' Stamp "You're Tree-mendous."


So, here are scenes from a little town called Pioche, in Nevada.  There is no one on the street because it was 4 degrees outside.  I think I had a snot-sicle.  I'm not sure.  I couldn't feel anything.
I did meet one town resident with his Chihuahua, Sandy.  He asked "What are you two doing?  It's cold out here!"  I said, "yes, well... um, we're on a photo trip.... um... we're from Orange County (as if that explains everything)."
Mind you, during the 1 hour we were out taking photos, we saw NO ONE except fellow classmates!

What a cute library!!!

This was our hotel.... and saloon....

Here's Sandy

And this is a dog named Bear that came running out at me. 

View from a street in Pioche

This was painted on the wall inside the saloon.

I saw this lamp.... and had to take the photo.

Here's a view from the top of the main street in Pioche.

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  1. As always, cute card and great pictures! Next time, visit the town when its warm!


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