Sunday, January 27, 2013

Kung-Fu Panda.... Thanks!

Using a Cuttlebug embossing folder and my Create a Critter cartridge, here's my cutie-patootie Panda.

After we left Cathedral Gorge, we headed to Vegas.   We went to the Clark County Museum to take photos.   The museum is run by "Mark  Hall-Patton,"  one of the experts on the show Pawn Stars (History Channel).

Here are some photos that I took at the Clark County Museum (they had a nature trail....).  The photos below include photos for our photography class.

Our teacher thought we'd try to stop in at the Pawn Store where "Pawn Stars" is done.
Here's the outside.... (it's on Las Vegas Blvd).
Once inside, we found out that Mark Hall-Patton (one of the 'authorities' on the show) was signing autographs and taking photos.  We had just left Clark County Museum where he is an adminstrator.
He was very nice....

As you can see, I was very cold.  Here is a photo of me and Mark Hall-Patton.

Across from the N. Las Vegas Outlet stores, is this building.  The architect was Frank Gehry.  It actually a Brain Institute.
We all got out to take photos of it.  The building looks like it's melting.  Really neat.


  1. Love you panda card! Awesome photographs, seems you are really enjoying the class!

  2. Super cute card! He's a charmer! Your photos are stunning - I've always been fascinated by the camera's lens and what we see in the world around us ~ and you have an eye for detail!

  3. What a cute card! Love those googly eyes. :) Your card would make a great submission for this week's bear challenge at Red Carpet Studio!



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