Sunday, September 2, 2012

FIGHT ON ... Scenes from the Opening Game at USC

I wanted to share my first experience at an USC football game and tail-gating party. HOLY COW!
[My only previous visit to the Colliseum was in '87 for U2's Joshua Tree concert.  To see all the people in this stadium wearing Cardinal and Gold was amazing!]

Despite leaving at 12:30pm for  a 4:30pm game (I live 45 minutes TOPS from USC), there was hardly any parking.  We were quoted $100 to park at one area, but found a condo complex renting their extra spaces for $40.  Considering it was a secured lot and underground, it was quite the steal.  (Tail-gaters normally get to the parking lots to set up on game day at 6am)

We went to a friend's tail-gating party before the game.  I've never been to one.  I've seen them on Food Network but seeing it in person, was amazing!  Here are some photos from some of the tailgating parties I saw....
Keep in mind, there were 40 inch flat screens at most of the tents featuring other college games as well as others having XBox or Play Stations set up for the kids.  I saw portable port-a-potties, satellite dishes, tiki bars, and elaborate barbeque sets,.... I've heard of "glamp-ing" -- this was the closest I came to witnessing it.  It was fabulous.   What an experience.  The weather was also wonderful with a light breeze.  The team spirit was EVERYWHERE!!!!

As you can see, our seats weren't the best (they were free!)  but we had a great time and didn't hit TOO much traffic trying to get out of the area.

Here are some scenes from the game...

The USC Marching Band 

Check out that beautiful HD tv screen.  BEAUTIFUL!!!  Also, you can see all the "Cardinal and Gold." ( I made the error to say "red and yellow."  LOL)

See ya tomorrow with a card!

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