Sunday, January 1, 2012

We LOVE our Michaels!!!

Our local Michael's allows dogs in, (provided they stay in the cart).  SamUL has become a frequent visitor and consequently made a few friends.  Here are two of our FAVORITE employees who make our visit so pleasant.

The last week has been filled with eating, congestion, more eating, Big Bang Theory, some more eating, Micro (by Michael Crichton, RIP), and yes... pass that plate. Cards are coming soon.  My New Year's Resolution is all original designs by ME! 


  1. And you know darn well that you and Sammy are ALWAYS welcome and appreciated at the store! Thanks for the Christmas card!

  2. Fun picture! No dogs allowed in our stores but Rozie would love to go if she could.

  3. SamUL is adorable in his Holiday attire! What a cool Mike's to let Sam bring you with him to shop! LOL!

  4. Wow! Its just not heard of anywhere round here! Lucky SamUL! Does he help you shop?
    Sorry I haven't been to visit lately, looks like you've been very busy making all sorts of wonderful gifts.
    Happy New Year!


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