Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I thought Christmas was over....

Maybe for you... but I'm still getting my cards and gifts out. Yes, it's sad but true.  I just can't seem to move fast enough (which if you knew me, you would find it hard to believe).  Some of my past nicknames have been "Spaz" or "Energizer Bunny."(haha).

Here's a card I made for my aunt... to go with her Christmas gift (that I still need to mail). I made it with my Gypsy, using Elegant Edges.  The reindeer came from Doodlecharms (I think).  I used Tea Dye on the edges of the reindeer and cut out red felt for the nose.  How'z that for crafty!!! (snort).

I made this little gift basket for my German penpal Stefani.  I threw in some Studio G ink pads, 2 sentiment wood block stamps, and some glitter glue (Studio G).  I put it all in a Ikea Pail.  I also put in one of my favorite new items:  Burt's Bees:  Pomegranate Replenishing Lip Moisturizer.  I'm not one to put lip balm on my lips but I really like the way this makes my lips feel... and it sure does make my upper lip smell good.  I also gave her some glitter pens (not photographed) and some notecards that she can use with the stamps and glitter to bling up.  She doesn't make cards but perhaps I can introduce her to the most BASIC of card making. The flowers were on sale at Michaels!!! Sooooo cute and spring-like.

Thank you for all the wonderful comments about my pets.  I know, I should just re-name my blog:  "Photos of my pets... OH, and a few artsy crafty cards."   Speaking of which, this weekend, I'm going to try to shoot a video with the chinchillas. 

If you didn't catch "Alcatraz" on Fox last night.... check it out.  I LOVE it. 


  1. Sweet Christmas card and wonderful gift for your pen pal, she'll be very pleased. You could also call your blog "My zoo and cards too".

  2. Still sending Christmas gifts out?!!!!!! Save em a bit longer and they can be next years, but early! LOL!
    Lucky friend, I'm sure it will inspire her to start making some cards!


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