Sunday, December 4, 2011

Thank you, for tolerating my tv addictions...

Before I bore some of my reading audience with the header, let's get to the card. I made this card to thank an employee at my gym.  I won't bother getting into the minutia but I was appreciative of his effort to help me out.  He is a front desk staff  member and he is ALWAYS there.... dawn, dusk, Saturdays, Sundays.  I made this card, using Penny Black's Cow (how appropriate, for the gym, eh?)   The embossing is from Cuttlebug, and I used Copics, Glossy Accents on the pink lemonade, and Liquid Pearls on the bikini.  The sentiment came from Inkadinkado and the ink is Jenni Bowlin. The sentiment was on a diecut from Spellbinders Nestabilities. The background of the cow was done with Chalk.

Today, I went to Target to buy more Gardein's (haha- they're on sale. I bought 5 bags... cleaned them out of "Mandarin Chicken.").   I decided to mosey past the DVD's and nearly screamed in GLEE. 


$29.99 at Target

To see the intro to an episode of the Six Million Dollar Man, and re-live the 70's, please click on the link below:

[And to all you nay-sayers out there... Be thankful I'm not going on and on about my other 'childhood favorite show' (haha!):
Check out the ABBA-like choreography in the first 30 seconds of the clip.

I practiced daily- my Donnie & Marie choreography on my stage (long coffee table) with my microphone (pencil).   Thank goodness camera phones didn't exist back then  or you'd be seeing another YouTube video.  :)
I could have been an Osmond, don't ya think?... well, an Asian Osmond...  :)

My first dog, Sachi.
And yes, I have this CD. Yes, I said CD!


  1. I had a Donnie and a Marie Osmond doll, complete with sparkly purple socks for Donnie and a raggedy (in a a cool way) dress in shades of purple for stylish Marie. They has holes in their hands to hold their microphones! So cool!
    Cute cow card!!

  2. You're too funny and so sweet! Glad you enjoy your television, I'm a bit of an addict too.
    Fun card and so thoughtful.

  3. LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!! I did not know 6 mill. $ man was out there!!! And Donny and Marie... Great show!!! That is what is missing out there... Fun songs, light and upbeat shows.... I was Totally in love with Donny!!! I actually met him and got his autograph! Weeeeeeee! Ha I feel the urge to watch some Tony Orlando and Dawn. The world could not have handled our awesome talent, Naomi. Hee I love your blog and your cute cards and funny stories! Thanks for the flashback!


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