Monday, August 8, 2011

Another Marlene image... and Viewers' Mail

I made this card using ANOTHER ONE OF Marlene's freebie image-- SEE WHAT YOU CAN GET FOR FREE???? 
What a screaming riot!  

I used Liquid Pearls to bling up the dress.  I also used Stickles on the shoes and hair bow. You will notice there is some distressing ink touchups on the edges of the image and the sentiment (Concord Grape). The Rustic Twine came from Paper Trey Ink.

I got the idea of this card from a male (mid 30's) friend that told me that sometimes (when around other guys), they use farting as a strategy either to change the subject, lighten the mood, or end the conversation.   My female friend and I stood there with our mouths hanging open thinking... ARE YOU SERIOUS? Wait, why am I surprised? I marveled at the sheer uninhibited freedom that NHL players have of blowing snot rockets on national tv. 

This card represents the female attempt at that strategy. Of course, I won't be testing this theory... as I don't fart.  (snicker....   )


Viewers' Mail:
One of my viewers was kind enough to ask her relative who is a fireman WHAT THE HECK WAS UP WITH THE DUMMIES....
Here is the (un)official response: "I'm sure that looked weird to see them driving around like that, but what your friend saw were rescue dummies. Those are used for training. The dummies are super heavy (in excess of 150 lbs) and super awkward because they don't flex like normal people. They probably couldn't get them in and out of the cab of the engine, so they just tied them off on the back, for transport. Pretty weird looking for sure. "
Me:  Thank you for inquiring dear viewer.  It was such an amusing sight and provided some of the viewers here with a chuckle.


  1. Another brilliant card from one of Marlene's images. Love the colors!

  2. Bwaahaahaaa! I love Fanny Fart!! This is the second blog I've seen her on today. What a treat!
    I LOVE the way you've done her dress, all blinged out in pearls!

    Rock on with your bad self....I love it!

  3. Super heavy dummies? Hmmmmmmm! They just wanted to make you laugh!!!
    Crack up card , Fanny Fart reminds me of one of the girls I work with, she likes to announce hers as they are about to arrive!


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