Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I'm back....

for a bit. I have been busy with work, sewing, an Angels' game, organizing the house,....

So, if you forgot what I looked like, here I am in my work attire....

And here is my scrapping room (I still need to put up my rails for my punches that are laid out on the table)....

The cubby on the left is Home Depot's Martha Stewart. The cubby on the right is from Target and on clearance.  The TV will be moved out soon... to allow for another cubby.  The stuff to the left is my sewing material. My sewing machine on the top of my cubby with all my sewing supplies.  My 12x12 paper is on the bottom right in a couple storage container.

My 'scrap' paper is under the AirWalk Box,mailing boxes next to them, Airwalk box contains digi images to be colored

More 12x12 paper is behind the laptop, below my Sam Winchester calendar (thanks L!). Check out my Brian Lock book (behind the lamp!)

I have some punches behind the door but plan to move those, and another Target storage cubby holds a lot of embossing, Cricut Carts, extra glue, etc.... My expression is under the Ikea (red/white) pillowcase.

I hope to make cards by this weekend.  I am also reading a FABULOUS book called THE PASSAGE.  I didn't know if I'd like it but OMG! I thoroughly enjoy it.   I will be back though now that I've gotten a lot of the house stuff done.


  1. Naomi, you are so beautiful, and what a gorgeous smile! It's so great to be able to visit your craftroom and see where you create...I LOVE IT! Thank you for showing us, my friend!
    Hugs to you and all your fur babies!

  2. Wwwwwow! The room looks great! Also you've always looked good in floral prints.
    Are the doggies respectful of all your things or do they scuffle around in your scrapping supplies?

  3. It was fun peeking into your crafting space! You look so adorable....I wish we lived closer to one another. :)

  4. Life in the Scrap LaneJune 15, 2011 at 7:30 PM

    Hi Missy,

    It looks beautiful!Worth the wait.

  5. Wow, I want to come and play in your craftroom. So neat and tidy! Glad to see you're still smiling!

  6. Wow! You look gorgeous and love that dress!
    As for your craft space.....soooo organised and tidy and I'm embarrassed thinking about the state mine is in. But where are the dog beds? Don't you get extra help like I do? Hehehe!


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