Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sweetly Tart.... and a thirsty Tortoise

I love this little card made with Kate's ABC's.  I should have entered THIS one for Mary's challenge
I used a sponge and various colors of Holtz' Distress ink to ink the edges (one of Mary's favorite techniques).   

Amuse-bouche: For those who have never seen a desert tortoise drink water... here's a video of Stimpy, after he woke up from hibernation.  When they first wake up after a long winter's sleep, they are hungry and thirsty.  So, I typically put Stimpy in a big pan of water and let him drink.  Here is a minute or so of him drinking.
You can see him swallowing.


  1. Gorgeous card! Love the buttons and twine.
    Is Stimpy yours? Man, he drinks fast....NOT! LOL!

  2. Sweet card! Love the dp, and button and twine, perfect finishing touches.

    Stimpy is a big boy. Where does he hibernate?

  3. Your card is adorable-icious!

    Stimpy is so cute! Wow - I didn't think a tortoise could hold his head under water for that long. (Turtles, yes...but tortoises?)

  4. Adorable card! Love your extra little doodling dots.
    What a BIG boy Stimpy is! Love turtles, they are too cute. ~jeni :)


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