Saturday, May 7, 2011


Today was my first sewing class.  I took the class at a local independent craft store.  I had a great time. It took me forever to make this (4.5hours) but that's because I was one of 3 that was learning the step-by-step process.  We had the teacher running back and forth :)  Poor Judy. 

Anyway, it was fun... so, I am going to go looking for my first sewing machine in the next few days.  My goal is to ONE DAY make my dogs 'form-fitted' Halloween costumes.

 The fabric is soooo cute.  I don't think the photo does the colors justice.

Last night, I also met with some crochet friends so we could make caps for people recovering from chemo/radiation.    
I can't get the hang of the counting so I have to go the 'cheater' method which is to use those plastic rings that you can buy at Michaels/Wal-Mart.  I must say though, those rings are awesome. Less stress on your hands/wrists.



  1. What an adorable bag!!! I'd say you're off to an amazing start. :)

    Hope you got my get well card...and hope you are feeling better these days!

  2. Your first attempt at sewing is fabulous and well done! And bless you for coming to the aid of those in need.

  3. Wow! Cool bag! Love that fabric!!!!! I'll send you my boys' measurements for some clothes! LMAO!


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