Monday, May 30, 2011


Well, I made 2 pillow cases with my sewing machine but only 1 card (which I still need to take a photo of).

Below are 2 videos from Dog Beach today.  Warning, turn off the audio because you will hear a lot of wind.  (note: I tried to embed the youtube video but it was acting weird when I did that so it didn't work).
And also, sorry for the shaky camera work. I'm trying to keep an eye on both dogs and make sure I don't trip over a dog.

It was lovely weather down in HB today and there were a lot of people with their dogs.  I took the video at a less congested area.  I also tried to scan the Pacific horizon but then realized I had lost sight of Colt (so again, sorry about the shaky camera work).

Happy Memorial Day and to all of those who have served and are serving--- THANK YOU.


  1. How sweet!!!!!! I tell ya, he looks like he's smiling! :) Love the doggie beach - here in Miami, it's not allowed and I sooooo wish it were! Great vids!!

  2. You sew too!?! Gotta put up a pic of the pillow cases too. ~jeni :)

  3. Must be nice to have "lovely weather" was a stinkin' hot 92 degrees here today, with a horrendous amount of humidity thrown in for good measure, to make it feel like it was over 100. ICK.

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend, girl!


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