Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The wheezing is subsiding....

I'm cheating.  I made this card last spring but I have nothing to show you guys... and I just wanted to post something to say that I'm still alive.  I used the Create a Critter cartridge and Cuttlebug (thank you embossing folder). 

Sorry, I've been absent. I'm working on a mini book (still) and I'm still congested.  I had to relent and see the doctor today.  I'm armed with an anti-inflammatory bronchial inhaler as well as cough syrup (heavier).  The inhaler is already working.  [I asked him if I could go back to spin class (cycling) on Thursday. He looked over his frames at me and said "Maybe NEXT Thursday."]  boo hiss.  

My mini album is coming along. I put a lot of work into it and I hope it (a) stays glued together (b) looks good. I hope to finish it this weekend.

To commemorate my ability to breathe (without coughing or hacking or wheezing), I've selected one of my favorite songs called "Breathe" ....  Check it out--  oh, and it's ok to let your head bop up and down....    :)   [Someone throw me some glow sticks.]


  1. Hate hearing that you are not up to par. Hope you are on the mend. Thanks for sharing cute card.

  2. Oh you poor thing!!! Get better soon!!!

  3. Hope you kick this soon! Its no fun feeling like that and don't you dare get back on that bike yet! LMAO!!!


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