Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Scrappy is feeling crappy

Here is the last card for the week, until I can make more.  It was made with a Louby Lou image and an Action Wobble. I also used the same Stampin up sentiment that I used on my prior card. Note, there's a Sizzx embossing folder thrown in there too.

Copics were used to color the image.

The weather keeps changing here in So Cal and my body can't keep my internal temperature consistent... this usually results in a heaviness in my chest cavity (chest congestion).  I took my Claritin and I'm off to bed. If you don't hear from me, please call for reinforcements (haha).  


  1. Awww...sorry to hear you're feeling crappy! Your card is ADORABLE! Love the embossing.

  2. Sweet card. You should probably address it to yourself and mail it to help you feel better!

  3. Hehehe! Cute card , is it a bunny egg or egg bunny?!!!!
    Hope you feel better soon!

  4. I like yours card Scrappy I am leaving for the World Mini Granprix early in morning I want to say bye
    I am in a blog hop if you want to check out my cards April 7 to the 10
    Nana say she will let people know how I do on my facebook and my blog ok?
    Hope you feel better soon

    see ya

  5. Have you tried Zyrtec? I find it's a bit more effective for oak and grass pollens.
    Also I can't remember if you have a good air filter in the house....?


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