Monday, April 4, 2011


Here is an Easter card I made a friend.  It is made with an image from Wendy at Digital Delights with Louby Lou.  I also put it on an Action Wobble.  In addition, I used my COPICS pens.  The Sentiment came from Stampin' Up and I used two punches (1" circle and 1.5 scallop circle).  I also used a Cuttlebug folder to emboss the yellow paper.

Joke for you... well, those of you who have heard Lady Gaga's song, "Pokerface"

"How do you wake Lady Gaga up in the morning?"
"Po-po-poke- her face."

Hello??? Is this thing on?  Hello?
Let me just say, I am NOT a Lady Gaga fan.

Here's my latest favorite song (via video since I don't know how else to put a song up here) that I dance to on the stair-stepper.... I would have put the video up but it was extremely risque. About the 30 second mark is when I start the head-banging...


  1. An Easter frog?! Ha ha! Why not!?!!

    I'm not a fan of Lady Gag-Me, either.

  2. Too fun! Love the Easter frog.

  3. Lady Gaga is a little strange. I don't care for her myself either. I do however love your card. I gotta get some wobbles. ~jeni :)

  4. I like this card to it is real nice Wendy will like it. You can email to Wendy and she put it in the Gallery

    see ya


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