Tuesday, March 29, 2011


What  a wonderful surprise to come home to... Tristan gave me  a Liebster Award.  Thank you Tristan.  It brightened my day.  
So, listen up everyone.... If you have NOT checked on my little friend Tristan's blog... you need to. He is a SUPER talented boy with his Cricut.  AND... he told me he has a few projects lined up soon to show us.  I AM SOOOO excited to see what he has created.
Click on Tristan's name to shoot over to his blog. He has some really cute ideas.

I want to give this same award to some of the blogs I have recently discovered... (I will send a comment later to let them know I nominated them...).
1.  Philly:    Life in the Scrap Lane
2.  Ashley:  (Tristan's fellow Kid-Blogger)  Ashley's Creative Journey
3.  Tanner:  (Tristan's fellow Kid-Blogger, Mr. Cricut)  Mr. Cricut Crazy

I'll have to think of 2 more. (I have a bunch of PROS here that already have THIS award).

Thank you again Tristan! You're the ABSOLUTE BEST,.... Like IRONMAN!!!!
Big Hugs, big T!!!!

This is me, with my Dwight Schrute Bobblehead at Comic Con 2010, San Diego-- Oh, yeah- and Ironman


  1. Hmm, I left a comment early today to tell you I liked your picture. Wonder where it is?

  2. I left a comment before but I do not see it.
    Hi Scrappy, Wow what do you do that you get to see Ironman ?
    I like yours bobblehead ! hehe When will you be making more cards I hope soon. I know you said you was busy with work.

    see ya


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