Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sympathy Card for Minnie and more blah blah blah....

My cousin's husband has a 17 year old cat that recently passed away. I made him this card as a sympathy card.  Minnie was a long time family member (17 years!!!!)  and I'm sure she's hanging out with my herd of deceased pets (a chinchilla, tortoise, and a pack of dogs), hissing to her heart's content (especially at my Kodi and Emma who peed all over her backyard when they went up to visit.  I remember she stood at the window glaring at them as they ran through her backyard,... squatting and lifting).

It is always sad when your pet passes away however after 17 years, it is especially hard.
I made this card a while ago, so I can't remember the cartridge I used for the cat. The stamp was made with the Watermark VERSA stamp and the stamp image was from a clear stamp set from Michaels).  The sentiment was heat embossed from Scrappy Mom's.

I put pink flocking on the nose and silver Stickles on the neck..

I return to work tomorrow after having 5 days off. So, no cards for a few days. 
So... let me get my blathering out now, since I'll have NO excuse to post in the next few days.
1.  Cletha: thank you for the encouragement to do challenges. I have done 1 and I loved the challenge of working within constraints.  I appreciate your encouragement and will definitely try to participate.  Thank you!!!
2.  Update on my Relaxed Fit 550's.  Well, I went onto Levi' and found out that my 550's that I am currently oozed into, are not the same 550's that I may receive should I order online. It appears that  (like many products), the quality / texture of the jeans have changed since I last bought them at a store.  Luckily I read some of the 'reviews.'  It appears the material is thinner and now they're made with Spandex?  SO, I decided that rather than risk it... I would venture to my local Target / Kohl's, whatever... and see if  I can find anything suitable for my taste. I struck gold at Target.  Not only were they on sale for $15 but I AM A SIZE SMALLER in their jeans.  Heck, That SOLD ME!!!  haha.  AND.... (drum roll please...) I won't have to hem these.  AMAZING. It actually made my shopping experience MORE tolerable.  So, I bought 3 pairs so I won't have to buy jeans again for YEARS!!!! 
3.  The termite man came and gave me the wonderful news that I won't have to tent the house (and move all my animals to my parents' house).
4.  The rain has returned to So Cal and apparently will be here until Sunday (It's stopped for about 24 hours but due back Thursday night until Friday and then Saturday night until Sunday).  BOO!!! HISS!!!
5.  Lastly, I am complete addicted to Arrested Development- so funny with dysfunctional characters and great witty writing.  Granted, my idea of comedy is a little off the grid but...
6.  I just wanted to say that I'm so thankful to whoever anonymously donated so many wonderful Cricut supplies to Tristan.  Tristan's Cricut broke and he was still making cards but you could tell, he missed his Cricut.  His mother, Brandy, wrote a wonderful thank you note to that person and the Scrapping Community for supporting Tristan.  Even though times are tough, it's so nice to see people still trying to help others.


  1. Yours card is very nice . Thank you for seeing my card. It was very fun to use a cricut again :)
    Guess what we have snow again :( I am tired of snow.

    see ya

  2. sweet your card is (love the sparkly collar!) and how sad about the cat. 17 years is a long time for a furkid to be around, becomes part of everything.

    And woohooo! on the jeans! I hate having to take them up to fit!!!!

  3. Oh so sweet, thank you! We will get Minnie's card when we arrive back home at the end of the week - we are in Alaska right now on vacation, enjoying the many many beautiful doggies here. The kids have been telling every stranger we meet - "We had a cat named Minnie and she died. I'm 5 and a half, by the way." and they've been drawing a lot of pictures of cats. Yes, she was certainly one of a kind.

  4. Ah, so sorry for your friend and her loss, but i'm sure your thoughtfulness and sweet card will help.

    Glad you found new jeans, I don't know why manufactures make jean sizes so difficult.

  5. Oh Naomi....I LOVE your card...and I'll bet the recipient was touched by it. It is indeed, so difficult to lose a beloved fur baby after that many years. My Sassy cat passed away a few years ago at the age of 14. :(

    YAY for finding jeans in a smaller size that fit!!! Always a good thing! :)


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