Saturday, February 26, 2011


I was so surprised to get a blog award from Monica over at
Monica doesn't just make cards- she has tons of neat craft stuff so I like to go by her blog and check out what she's made.  She's a crafty one!
Thank you Monica for the Liebster Blog!!! 

So, I have to name 3-5 blogs that I like to view.  I have a lot of blogs bookmarked however here are my 5...
1.  Remember my friend who made those CUTE alternative Valentine cards?  Well, she started a blog. She is still getting her blog up and going but I'm going to tell you that when she posts something, you should CHECK HER OUT.  She makes AWESOME PROJECTS.  I have been the recipient of a few of her mini-scrapbook cards and they just BLEW MY MIND.  So...put    on your list to check up on. 
2.  These aren't "new blogs" but I do like seeing what Tammy and Jeni and Kelly have created.
 5.  And then there is Viv!!!!  (who thankfully is doing fine in New Zealand, post-Earthquake).

And I know I only can say 5, but I also like this Scrappy Rat's blog!  :)

thank you again Monica!!! I'll post my blog award on the sidebar, as soon as I can figure it out (I'm not very good with this layout stuff) and notify the recipients....
For now though, I'm going to run out to Panda Express (for some Chow Mein (YAY! Noodles) and Garlic Tofu!)  


I hope you're all having a wonderful weekend.

Update:  Panda Express had no Eggplant Tofu. I then tried to go to Pick Up Stix which had just closed.  :(


  1. Oh, congrats on the award! (I have yet to post mine, because I am SUCH a slacker). I know all of these blogs except #1 and #5. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Congrats on your award and thanks so much for thinking of me. It's nice to know someone likes to look at the things I create. You definately made my Monday! ~jeni :)


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