Thursday, February 10, 2011


This image is one that I got at Squigglefly.
The name is "Perturbed Tilly."  And, it was created by one of my favorite bloggers (   Yes!  Queen Marlene.
The instant I saw it, I knew I had to have it and tell y'all about my vacation in Palm Desert.  
I have a very very comfortable dress.  It is so comfortable that one doesn't want to get out of it.... and I didn't.... for a couple days in Palm Desert.  

My friend and I had gone to Palm Desert but unfortunately, the first full day was filled with thunderstorms. The intent was to go out to the pool but after 30 minutes, the rain started.  So, we went back to the room, wherein my friend read work-related manuals (WTF?).   The peace of a quiet hotel room with controlled air temperature and silence (no barking dogs, no dogs wanting me to let them go out, no dogs pouncing on me in an effort to get me to play with them... In short, NO DOGS)... put me in a coma.  I essentially slept from 11am until 7pm at which point,  my friend woke me by saying  "did you want to go eat dinner?  because it's 7pm."  She later confessed that she was afraid I was dead... She was periodically checking throughout the day to see if I was still breathing.  We then went to Marie Callendar's (I wore my dress)... followed by a trip to the Super-Walmart.... and then back to the hotel... where I fell asleep again... in my dress.   

It has now become known as 'the dress.'  
The dress is made of two layers of sheer material.  It is like a sundress.  There is no waistband...which works wonderfully at all-you-can eat buffets.

I used Stickles on the earrings and necklace.  I used Glossy Accents on the shoes.  I struggled with creating the skin color. 

Inside the card


  1. Ha ha ha!! Love it!!! You did a fine job with Perturbed Tilly. I think her skin tone looks pretty darned good! you still have that dress? Heehee!

  2. oh what a fun story and I love the card you made to illustrate it! Are you sending this card to the friend by any chance?

  3. Oh too too funny! L OL! What a perfect card - love everything about it :) Great job!!

  4. Them doggie things wear us all wonder you had to sleep! In the Dress! Too Funny!

    Thanks for your lovely comment about my baby girl, I'm missing my " Dabba" and am crying as I sit here typing this but I know she is much better off. The last few days were no fun for her at all.... :(


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