Saturday, January 1, 2011

A wonderful Christmas Gift

One of my dearest friends and her awesome daughter gave me a box of goodies. 

Look at the cute card they made
I'm happy to report that they are now Cricut owners and have been having fun learning how to use their Cricut.  I hope they start a blog (HEAR THAT GIRLS???? I'M TALKING TO YOU!!! AND YOU, MISS TURTLE.  SHOWCASE YOUR CREATIONS!).

And look at my friend's first card she ever made with a Cricut.   I am so honored she gave it to me!

From Birthday Bash!

And look at this pile of goodies they so generously gave me.  I am very very lucky to have such good friends.

Thank you again, girls.  [And yes, Miss Turtle, I hear you are lurking on my blog.  I hope to see more of your little Cricut Creations!
Here are links to some videos that you would enjoy:

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  1. Oh Congratulations on your cache of paper yumminess - what sweet friends! Happy 2011 to you!


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