Saturday, January 8, 2011

Birthday Scrapbook

Here is a birthday scrapbook I made for a friend.  It is just a simple scrapbook.  I used a lot of Cricut Cartridge frames and stickers.

And I want to send a special thanks to Viv, Jeni  , Kelly and Tammy for always putting a little comment on my blog.
These girls have great blogs too and the best part is that they post A HECK of a lot more than I and they're really good with the Copic/Prismacolor pencils.
Thank you all for your comments and support... and your all around dog-friendly spirit.

My 2011 goal is to take a sewing class. The sewing machine intimidates me.  (So does the Cuisinart for that matter).   So  many levers and buttons and I fear I'll stitch my fingers together. I believe however, with the right instructor, even I can sew.  I see some of you stitch on your cards.  What a great little touch. 
Secretly, my main incentive to learning to sew is that I want to try to make simple, form fitted outfits for my dogs.  I'm sure it is harder than I think to make an outfit for a dog (maybe I'll start out with capes-- haha)  but maybe by December 31, 2011, I will have made something that I won't be embarrassed to show you all.



  1. Aww! Cute scrapbook, what a cool idea for a gift! And thanks for that thank you!
    As for the sewing NOT be afraid, they can sense your fear and take advantage! I'm more scared of superglue myself, have managed to glue 2 fingers together! LMAO!
    And the dog outfits....I've made a few , even made a peaked cap for little Vinnie to wear with his club coat and that was sooooo fiddly. And the dogs never fit the pattern sizes either!

  2. Your birthday scrapbook is awesome. Wonderful gift for a friend. No need to say thanks for visiting your blog, you have great things to share! Absolutely take sewing classes, you will not be disappointed and it will open a whole other world for you.

  3. Oh - this is so pretty! LOTS of work!

    As for sewing - you can do it!! I know you can!!!

    P.S. Just read your "icy hot" story in my in-box and I'm still crying from laughing so hard!

  4. Stunning! what a lovely album. Kim


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