Thursday, January 13, 2011

Anna's Card

My friend, Anna, got a Cricut and she has been bitten by the bug.  This is her second card! Can you believe it?

Great job Anna!!!!  Nice color coordination.
Let's get you a blog!!!   :)
And here are Anna's doggies, Elsa and Joey.  (You KNOW there had to be a canine reference, didn't you?? C'mon!)

Elsa on the left, Joey on the Right
As for me, I have created a card. No time to put up tonight.... you'll have to wait for tomorrow! 

On a more serious note, please take a peek over at this site
and read Katie's story.  I saw the link on Marlene's blog and spent some time reading about Katie's journey.
Katie will be in my thoughts and prayers.


  1. Cute card, tell her its all downhill now, the spending never stops! I'm having fun playing with my silhouette! Bestest toy ever!
    Love those doggies and their grins!

  2. How cute! Thanks for spreading the word about Katie, too. It's such a good cause.


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